Magical Benefits of Applying Oil on Belly Button


The navel area or the belly button is the chamber where most of the nerve endings meet in the body. Therefore, it is essential to nourish the belly button by massaging it with oil to gain numerous magical health benefits. This method has been used for ages and was traditionally practised as the most effective routine habit to keep the body healthy and strong. 

The right time to Apply oil 

Be it mustard, coconut or olive oil, the three different types of oils that are easily available at home, could be applied to the belly button. It is best to apply a pinch of oil during the night, just before going to bed. This makes you feel more relaxed when you wake up in the morning. Also, that the body is calm during the night, so applying oil to the navel makes it easier for the body to rejuvenate and absorb energy while being on rest mode. However, one can also apply it in the morning after taking a bath. 

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Now let’s see the magical benefits it gives to the body:

  1. Improves Eyesight

Who doesn’t want to have a healthy vision during these challenging times when an entire day passes before a TV or a Laptop’s screen? The veins connected with the eyes do way down to the navel area. So, applying mustard oil on the belly button helps to improve vision and cures puffy eyes as well those unwanted dark circles.

2. Relieves Menstrual Cramps


Menstrual pain is one of the most severe pain that a human body can naturally experience. But fortunately, there are some good solutions to mend those cramps except lying in bed all day with a hot water bag. Massaging oil on the belly button lessons this pain as it helps to relax the veins around the uterus lining and provides comfort to the area.

3. Mends Dry lips

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Ever had those dry, sore and chapped lips? Well, lack of moisture, winter and exposure to extreme dust and heat can lead to those unwanted dry lips! Applying mustard oil on the belly button at night can completely mend your dry lips and gift you back your soft and pink lips in the morning. It is the most effective way to treat dry skin as well and also adds glow to the face.

4. Stabilizes Chakras


The dot that you assume as the navel button is the main centre of abundant energy that circulates throughout the body. The chakras in the body that are given great significance by Ayurveda are effective for the mind’s stability. One should give extra attention to the belly button as it balances the chakras and stimulates the nerves in the body.