Coloured Gemstones For Your Engagement Ring

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If you are a bride that likes off-beat things, things that are unique and no one dares to take them up easily? Then you will definitely want your engagement ring to be quirky and distinctive. Diamonds are a regular and most preferred choice for engagement rings but there are many other options to choose from. Coloured gemstones are one such option. Though used in necklaces and earrings, these beauties are rather an unusual choice for an engagement ring. 

But if you want something different on your ring finger, consider these coloured gemstones and sparkle your way to your wedding. 

1. Sapphires

This extremely pretty and precious gemstone is the third hardest mineral and gives good competition to diamonds. Generally blue in colour, sapphires are available in other hues also such as peach, pink, white, green and yellow. It will look quite unique and eccentric on the bride’s hand. 

Blue Nile

2. Opal

Opals are beautiful gemstones available in white, black and crystal. They reflect the entire rainbow depending on its vibrancy as they move and dazzle. This makes opal different as no two opals can ever be same. Opal is not as sturdy as a diamond but if you wear it occasionally, it might just be your kind of gemstone. 


3. Moissanite

Moissanite was mistaken for diamonds when it was first discovered 120 years ago because of its hardness and colour. They are also priced lower than diamonds and is a budget-friendly option. This scintillating gemstone is very rare and is now created in laboratories, which also makes it an eco-friendly option. 

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4. Tanzanite

This mineral is not very old and was discovered in the sixties. The purple gemstone was named after the region it was found in, i.e., Northern Tanzania By Tiffany & Co. Tanzanite is rather a very precious and beautiful stone as it is estimated that only 30 years of its supply is left. This makes it a unique choice for the engagement ring. 


5. Topaz

An alluring gemstone, Topaz is a famous mineral which is already a choice for many people as an engagement ring. It scores an 8 on the Mohs scale. Although a pure Topaz is colourless, the most famous is the Blue Topaz. Some of these colours are natural while others are chemically treated to give different colours such as sherry, imperial pink and purple.