Components of a successful relationship

successful relationship

To maintain a relationship, one must nurture it with trust and care. Love can easily fade if from a relationship if you don’t learn to nurture it every single day. Love is about choosing to look at the brighter side while keeping the negative side at bay. Every couple who has stood the tests of time and are still going strong have worked towards maintaining a happy relationship. To create a healthy and happy relationship you will need to build in on the foundations of honesty and trust. Wedding Affair shares the 5 ingredients of a successful relationship. 


Maintaining transparency is the ultimate ingredient to creating a successful relationship. It is important you share important details about your life with your partner.


In every relationship, the partners need to adjust so as to keep the relationship fulfilling and maintain peace. In the busy lives, one needs to understand and tune in to the needs of their partners.


After a certain point in life, the attraction fades. What remains is friendship. Couples who are best of friends with their partners have a good time even when the attraction fades. There’s a huge difference between your ride-or-die BFF and someone who’s just really fun to party with when it comes to a successful relationship.


Communication is a key ingredient to building a relationship that is both happy and satisfying. Talking about your emotions and feelings is a good way to make a relationship merrier.

Self Care

A successful relationship where individuals don’t take time to take care of their own needs can never be a happy one. In order to destress, take time to explore shared interest with your partner. It’s just as important to take care of yourself while in a relationship – as tending to the relationship itself.  The same thing goes for your friendships, family and others in your inner circle.  To be the best you can be for any of them, you need to be good at knowing when it’s time to switch gears and put a little focus on yourself.

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