No 90s wardrobe is complete without these elements

90s wardrobe

If you are a big rooter for everything oversized, plaid and high waisted, we diagnose you with 90s wardrobe addiction. 90s fashion has been quite a contagious trend which is why we can clearly see the craze back in vogue. The era of the ‘Rachel’ haircut, of the ‘clueless’ schoolgirls and of the hoops, celebrities and fashionistas seem to be bringing back the time through their wardrobe choices and it looks like everybody has fallen for the rage again.

The saying ‘what goes around, comes around’ is generally seen to be used in the context of karma but it stands fairly true when it comes to fashion trends as well. And in recent times, the throwback to such fashion trends has been hitting us hard and which is why Wedding Affair brings to you a list of wardrobe essentials to create an authentic 90s look for yourself. 

High Waisted Flared Pants

If high waisted flared pants don’t scream the 90s and then we don’t know what does. Quite the chic choice these days, high waisted flared pants have made a dramatic comeback into people’s closet. Fashion junkies can’t seem to get enough of it and why would they anyway cause these look super neat and ultra-classy, adding a drizzle of oomph to your outfit by highlighting that booty!

Plaid Skirts

Plaid print and cheeky skirts were quite the combination of the era and every teen girl at least owned a set. The fashion could be seen in various TV shows and movies which made it even more popular. Such skirts are again a buzz these days. Rock it for a cute, first date look or even a smart formal look.

Crop Tops

Crop tops were like the peas to the carrots of everything high waisted during the 90s. Everybody today too owns this flirty piece, as it has the ability to be turned into anything from sexy to highly posh to casual. ‘Rachel’ from FRIENDS proved to be quite the harbinger of the trend.90s wardrobe


The talk of 90s would be incomplete if we do not nobly mention about turtlenecks in our list. Turtlenecks were a staple for both men and women alike as they could be paired with anything and everything and one would always end up looking uptown. They are a smart and stylish choice for winters and it looks utterly fashionable when teamed up with blazers or long coats.

Oversized Button Up Shirts

The 90s was also all about baggy and oversized clothing at the same time. And one such swanky part was an oversized button-up shirt. If you wish to create a very sporty-ly 90s look, this might be your go-to element for that. 


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