Décor Items to Add to Your Wedding


Weddings are all about going over the top. And an obvious way of doing so, apart from your couture is to create lavish venues by using top-notch décor pieces. You can experiment in whichever way you out, after all, it is your wedding. So, here we are, with our list of suggestions that you can (you must) include in your D day. Trust us, if these make it to the list of your decorations, your day is definitely going to stand out –

  1. Fancy Mirrors
Elegant mirror décor at a wedding.

Aesthetic much? Yes. Mirrors are recently gaining popularity in the décor market, and the buzz is going around about including them in wedding ceremonies. Well, why not? Mirrors are a great way to accentuate your décor game and add the X factor to the entirety of your venue. Also, with the reflections that they will throw out, the beauty of the gleam is going to be a level. You could use small mirrors placed on shelves or corners of the place, or you could also go with huge floor mirrors that can be placed at the right locations, so that they add the appropriate amount of shine, and also do not break apart by accident.

  1. Photo Booth
A quirky photo booth idea.

There is no denying that photo booths are the absolute favorite for guests at any event. And if these are included in your wedding décor, things just get out of control. You can stock up one corner of your wedding setup with quirky accessories and frames that talk about the wedlock and the couple involved. Some people also like to display the hashtag of the couple’s name in this frame.

  1. Wall of Flowers
Flower walls are gaining popularity at weddings these days.

A beautiful life-size accessory item that you can include in the décor of the matrimony is a flower wall. In recent times, many celebrities have also opted for a floral wall at their weddings. This creates a magnificent aura at the venue, and also works as a backdrop for amazing pictures. A huge board or wall with a bunch of different flowers is all you need at your wedding to run the trend in your own way.

  1. Chandeliers
Eloquent chandelier décor at a wedding.

If you are looking for pieces that will add a subtle touch of gentry at your weddings, chandeliers are your pick. Install huge ornate chandeliers at the venue either at the touch of the ceilings, or you could use those that hang with a vintage rope, falling right above the tables. The glass décor item instantly turns everything into something elegant yet, dramatic. You can opt for ancient cut chandeliers or the ones that shine absolutely bright from far away.

  1. Marquee Lights
Marquee lights with the name of the couple.

Here is another extravagant piece of lighting that will enhance the look of your wedding décor. Marquee lights are those that are usually found on the top of movie theatres to display the name of the artists or the movie as a sign of attraction. Remember that board – Now Showing? Well, that is a marquee light board. Isn’t your wedding too, the center of attraction? This is why you need such lights at the venue too! You can customize these lights as per your requirements – the name of the bride and groom, their acronyms, a word that defines their unity like love, etc.

Well, there are some more décor pieces that you could include in your wedding. But, we will discuss those after you let us know what are your favorite picks from the ones mentioned above!