Seaside Love: Dos and Don’ts for Planning a Perfect Beach Wedding

Beach Wedding Dos And Don'ts - Wedding Affair

Are you and your bae water babies? Nothing sounds better than a warm sunny beach day, there is something about the beach that just lifts everyone’s spirit. Planning a beach wedding is a dreamy choice for couples seeking a picturesque and romantic backdrop for their special day. However, just like the high and low tides of the ocean, there are many considerations that you must keep in your mind before finalising the beach wedding. To ensure your beach wedding is a seamless celebration of love, we present you some dos and don’ts to keep in mind.


1. Choose the Right Time and Season

Right Season For Beach Wedding

The first thing to be careful about is to choose the correct time and right season for the beach wedding, the weather should be appropriate which means selecting a time when the weather is most favourable, avoiding extreme heat or rainy seasons. Also, you must consider the sunset for a magical atmosphere and stunning photos.

2. Comfortable Attire

Comfortable Attire

Having a beach wedding means that you can avoid those heavy lehengas and sarees, instead opt for light and breathable fabrics for both the bride and groom, considering the beach environment. Flowing dresses and lightweight suits not only complement the setting but also keep everyone comfortable.

3. Footwear Matters

Beach Wedding Footwear

 Walking on sand isn’t easy so you must inform guests about the sandy terrain, suggesting appropriate footwear. Sand-friendly options like sandals are not only practical but also in tune with the laid-back beach vibe.

4. Embrace Natural Decor

Natural Decor

 What’s the point of having a beach wedding without making the most of the sea, utilize the natural beauty of the beach. Minimalistic decor like driftwood, seashells, and flowers that withstand the breeze can enhance the setting without overpowering it.

5. Provide Shade

Provide Shade

There is nothing worse than being on a beach without shade, not only does it exhaust you but also damages your skin. Ensure there’s a shaded area for guests, especially if the ceremony is during peak sunlight hours. You can enhance the décor by using stylish canopies, umbrellas, or even a beachfront gazebo.

6. Have a Backup Plan

 If you are having a destination wedding it is crucial to keep your options open, moreover, beach weather can be unpredictable. Arrange for a backup plan, whether it’s a nearby indoor venue or a tent, to ensure the celebration continues smoothly in case of unexpected weather changes.

7. Capture the Moments

Beach Wedding Photography

Just as Ed Sheeran said “we keep this love in a photograph”, photographs are crucial to any important event of your life, and wedding surely is a big day. Hire a professional photographer experienced in beach weddings. The natural light and stunning surroundings provide an ideal backdrop for capturing those memorable moments.


1. Avoid Excessive Decor

Excess Decor

 I get you, for a beach wedding, we all love to go all crazy with the décor, ranging from shells to all the nautical items. While incorporating natural elements is encouraged, avoid excessive decor that may be challenging to set up or may not withstand beach conditions. Keep it simple and elegant.

2. High Heels on the Sand

Heels In Sand

High heels in sand is a BIG NO!!!, Discourage high heels for the bridal party and guests. Walking in the sand with heels can be challenging and uncomfortable. Opt for more practical footwear choices.

3. Overlook Permits and Regulations

 When it comes to a beach wedding nature is involved hence there might be certain official permits and regulations that you might need to check with local authority. Ensure you have the necessary permissions to avoid any interruptions on your special day.

4. Neglect Wind Considerations

 Another BIG NO for a beach wedding is to ignore the wind, beach and winds go hand in hand and the wind is a common element at the beach. Secure lightweight decor items, consider wind-resistant hairstyles and be mindful of the clothes.

5. Skip the Sound Check

Sound Check

 Another tip that many people forget, is to pay attention to your sound system, whether you are having a live music session or a full-blown DJ, testing the audio in advance is crucial. Test the audio equipment in advance. Wind and the sound of waves can affect the acoustics, so a sound check ensures that vows and speeches are heard clearly.

6. Forget About Tides

 You must be aware of the tide schedule if you don’t want to find yourselves ankle-deep in water during the ceremony. Plan the timing of your celebration around the tides.

7. Overlook Guest Comfort

Guests Comfort

 The primary goal of the wedding prep is to ensure that you and your guests have a great time, and when it comes to guests their comfort cannot be compromised. Consider guest comfort by providing essentials like sunscreen, fans, or even a refreshing beverage station. Keeping everyone comfortable ensures a more enjoyable celebration. You can even get personalised sunscreen tubes which will make your wedding even more fun.

With these dos and don’ts in mind, your beach wedding is sure to be a super cool blend of natural beauty, romance, and memorable moments by the seaside.