Hairdos For The Bride-To-Be


The toughest decision to make other than choosing your dress for the wedding day is your hairdo. Should I keep my hair open, should I make a bun or a messy braid and whatnot, all the ideas and options revolve around our brides head overwhelming her to choose one from the abundant styles. A perfect hairdo can completely change your entire bridal look, so it’s very important to choose it wisely. 

While you have gazillion other things to worry about regarding your bridal look, we’ll ease you from one. We’re here with some exquisite hairdo’s to choose from to go with your outfit, have a look! 

1. The Flower Veil Hairdo

We’ve seen the dupatta veil, we’ve seen Priyanka Chopras 75 foot long veil, but now it’s time for the floral veil. This never-ending long gajra trail has stolen our heart and it’ll look beautiful and distinct from the usual hairdos. So if you’re in for some fun with your hair, this is a thumbs up from our side. 


2. Braided Hair Bun 

One thing long, short and medium hair has in common is that they all look good in braids. This simple and elegant hairdo adorned with red roses is one of the prettiest hairdos for every kind of bride. If you cannot decide between a braid or a bun, you have an option to combine both in a hairdo and flaunt that glamorous look. 


3. Baby’s Breath Braid

A lot of brides are skipping the usual bun’s and going for a braided look for their weddings. This stunning braid accessorised with baby’s breath flowers is a perfect chic hairdo to choose for your big day. 


4. Poola Jada 

No South Indian hairdo is complete without this traditional poola jada adornment. It’s a two-piece floral accessory that goes like a crown around the base of the braid and the length.   But who said it’s just limited to the South Indian brides? Add a distinct look to your wedding day by opting for this hairdo.  


5. Drop Those Gorgeous Curls

How can a hairdo list be complete without mentioning about curls in it? Show off your luscious long locks by curling them up and pair them up with various to enhance your look on your wedding day.