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The Wedding School

If building a career in the wedding industry is your motto, then you must surely strive to learn from the absolute best in the business. The Wedding School (TWS) in Mumbai is the institute that makes your dreams come true with impeccable expert guidance and professional exposure. TWS is a Mumbai-based institute that offers certified diploma courses in Wedding Planning & Management. The primary focus of this esteemed learning house is educating and helping young aspirants who have a keenness to learn the nuances of the industry. Hence, their team ensures to deliver young professionals, set to excel in this dynamic and promising world of great Indian weddings.

TWS is an institute that strives to provide both classroom theory education as well as real-time ground experiences to an aspirant. Hence, there is exposure through lectures and real-time field learning as well. Not only that, but more learning also comes from the internships with the best industry professionals. Also, the prestigious institute prepares the students to face the dynamics of weddings. And guides then in a way that they can eventually become leaders in the wedding industry.

The Midas Touch

The Wedding School

‘When you learn to be the best; you learn from the best’ — a line of thinking by which The Wedding School strives. Hence, the sessions at TWS are tailored by industry veterans who share not just their knowledge with the students but also their experience in the field.

Mareesha Parikh, the CEO & co-founder of the institute is an industry stalwart herself with more than two decades of experience in the industry under her hat. Parikh is also an ace wedding planner and director at Swaaha Weddings & Experiences.

 “Just like many wedding management companies pan India, we as the Founders of Swaaha Weddings & Experiences have always yearned for team members who have an orientation, detailed learning and knowledge for weddings, and that’s how and why The Wedding School was created,” Parikh tells Wedding Affair. “We are extremely proud of the fact that TWS students who come from across the entire nation have been recruited by leading wedding companies and are doing well. #CreatingContributors has been our mission and we are on the right path.”

Among other great initiatives by the industry leader is the one which her knowledge-sharing platform — WedEd Conclave. Thus, this prioritises #CreatingContributors and educating aspirants professionally. “The Wedding School was started two years back with an intent to provide rigorous professional training to wedding aspirants. Weddings and social events have gradually come in a parallel stream with the event industry. The outlook and approach required are different from what is considered a staple for corporate events,” Parikh further explains.

Courses Offered

LIVE Online Course

  • Duration: 4 Months
  • Sessions: 25 sessions (Weekends)

Hybrid Course

  • LIVE Online + Offline
  • Duration: 6 Months
  • Sessions: 35 sessions (Weekends)

Specialised Entrepreneur Course

  • LIVE Online + Offline
  • Duration: 8 Months
  • Sessions: 45 sessions (Weekends)

Additional 2 months Specialisation. Also, you have to select your subject of specialisation in any one of the three departments below.

  1. Décor, Production & Technical
  2. Hospitality & Logistics
  3. Experiential Designing


“As a part of the internship programme at TWS, our students have got the opportunity to work with leading wedding planners. Here the students found exposure to a lot of challenges which they faced with confidence. Therefore, they used their theoretical knowledge to the benefit of the companies they joined and stood out in different areas. Also, the institute has now opened opportunities in different areas of expertise including wedding cinematography, F&B and operations, design decor house, entertainment and gifting and hampers. This has given students the opportunity to explore and find their niche in weddings,” the website states.

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