Some cocktail party themes curated just for you!


An Indian wedding ceremony is like the big fat event that goes on for about a few days. But it sure gets confusing and monotonous to choose a perfect theme for all your wedding events. We might not be able to help you with every bit of it, but we sure can assist you with a few stunning cocktail party theme ideas. Have a look and choose the perfect one for your fairytale. 


Cocktail parties are like the backbone of every wedding ceremony. Speaking of a few themes for your upcoming cocktail parties then the first one would be ‘all-inclusive’. This theme as the name suggests intends to capture all the vibrant cultures of our country. For instance, you can probably include different cuisines and drinks from different states. And just to top it up you can even ask your guests to wear the traditional attires of particular states. 

Bohemian touch

cocktail party

Vintage and bohemian decors are like the ultimate goals for your wedding ceremonies. And especially while we talk about a few themes for your cocktail parties then the next up in the list has to be a ‘Bohemian touch’. If you’re looking for some ‘right out of a fairytale kinda theme then putting up bohemian rugs and lights will give you all the magical vintage vibes you’ve been looking for. 

Retro Bollywood

Well, now this one seems to be the most quirky and goofy one. Who doesn’t like a dramatic touch to their wedding functions right? And what better than Bollywood to experience the drama and feel the retro vibe. You can ask your guests to dress up like their favorite retro B-town stars and feel like you’re actually enjoying some red carpet award show at your cocktail party. 

Playful pool party

pool party

This sure attracts the millennials and Gen Z because what better than a pool party to celebrate the best day of your life. You can either organize a sundowner or even an evening pool party and give your guests the ultimate exposure to a sexy and glamorous event along with some hotshot cocktails curated just for you and your lovely guests. 

Magical bonfire night 

As magical as it sounds, this theme is all about celebrating the romance between the star couple. Because c’mon bonfire nights are like the epitome of expressing the magical essence of your relationship. And now imagine having your cocktail party alone with your friends and family, with some live music and a soothing bonfire scenario. 

P.S.- suit yourself and choose the best theme for your cocktail parties ahead!!

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