The Top 6 Trending Wedding Cake Designs


When it comes to the décor of a wedding venue, it is incomplete without a larger than life wedding cake. With emerging trends of modern day styles and flavours, almost all couples prefer to give a personal touch to their cake. The choices range from a flowery cake for the bride who is still a little girl at heart to a monogrammed cake for the elegant one.  is here to help you find a few delightful trending cakes for this wedding season.

Floral Cakes

For an utterly stylish cake, choose a flowery cake. Both fresh and sugar-made flowers look good on wedding cakes. When opting of a floral cake, one must keep a balance of shape, size and the colour of flowers in mind. Sticking to ivory, white and subtle hues will help to make the cake look more elegant.

Geometric Prints

Giving the cake a contemporary look with kaleidoscopic effects will add a dramatic look to your décor. Modern confectioners are adopting patterns such as polka dots,  triangles, squares, chevrons and stripes to give it a vivid touch. The colour guideline suggests that it should be a complementary colour palette so that the colours don’t overshadow the design.

Ombré Cakes

For a glamorous bride, an Ombré effect wedding cake is another piece of artistic idea. A blend of yellow to orange or purple to pink pearls and hearts will give you a graphic and modernised effect. As one has a wide-ranging and comprehensive colour palette, the possibilities are endless.

Monogrammed Cakes

Customising the cake with your initials is one of the most trending ideas of this season. Scripted style or hand-drawn monograms on sugar plaques adds an element of freshness to the cake. For a modernised look you can deck up your square cakes with interesting patterns. Floral motifs or motifs of other patterns can also be pretty eye-catching.

White on White

If you are the type that likes to play it safe, white cakes are the ones you should go for. Adding all white embellishments around the cake is a simple yet effective way to make it appealing. White cakes when combined with flower cascades look alluring. The tier cakes can be decorated with piped embroidery, quilted fondant, beads and pearls. Experimenting with geometrical shapes on a white cake can never go wrong.

Evergreen Cake

The bride and groom topper cakes will never go out of style. Such cakes give your decor a vintage along with a Cinderella look. The toppers can be illustrated and designed according to your wish. Leaning for kiss, swept in his arms, motorcycle ride, the prose day are a few examples of how you can custom-made these toppers.

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