Dress Up Like A True Royal

Dress Up Like A Royal - Wedding Affair

Are you your daddy’s princess? Then why not dress like one? Dressing up like an Indian queen is an exquisite journey into the rich and opulent world of royal attire. Indian queens are known for their regal elegance and timeless style. Many Indian queens have left a long-lasting impact on fashion whether it’s Maharani Gayatri’s silky chiffon sarees or Princess Rafat Zamani Begum’s intricate jewellery.  To channel your inner royalty, follow these steps to achieve a look inspired by the grandeur of Indian queens.

1. Embellished Silk Saree

Embellished Silk Saree

Silk Saree

The quintessential attire for an Indian queen is a luxurious silk saree. To recreate a royal look you can opt for richly woven Banarasi, Kanjeevaram, or Paithani silk sarees, as these fabrics exude a sense of regality and opulence. Choose a colour that resonates with your personal style – deep reds, royal blues, golds and emerald greens are classic choices. The saree should be heavily embellished with intricate zari work, making it a statement piece.

2. Elaborate Blouse Designs

Blouse Design

Blouse Designs

To glam up your look, pair your silk saree with an intricately designed blouse. Look for blouses with full sleeves that are adorned with heavy embroidery, sequins, and intricate threadwork. If you wish to add a modern touch to your look, you can go for High necks, sweetheart necklines, or backless designs as they can add a modern touch while maintaining the royal aesthetics. Pay attention to the detailing, as it plays a crucial role in capturing the essence of royal attire.

3. Statement Jewelry

Statement Jewelery

Statement Jewelery

No Indian queen’s ensemble is complete without elaborate jewellery. Invest in statement pieces such as a maang tikka, passa, heavy necklaces, jhumkas and bangles. Kundan, polki, or temple jewellery are popular choices that complement the richness of the attire. If you want to achieve a timeless look then your go-to choice should be pearls, Maharani Gayatri’s string of pearls have become a cult imagery for Indian royal fashion. Layer your necklaces for a grander effect, and don’t forget the nose ring, an iconic accessory in many royal ensembles. You can also incorporate some heirloom pieces to add a touch of heritage into your look and give hints of old charm, moreover adding heirloom pieces will be a constant reminder of your family and culture.

4. Intricate Hairstyles

Bridal Hairstyle


Intricate Hairstyles

Indian queens are often depicted with elaborate hairstyles that are neat to showcase their grandeur, to recreate something similar and classy you can consider classic bun styles adorned with strings of jasmine flowers or ornate hairpins or accessories. However, if you are someone who wants to add a modern touch for a contemporary twist, you can experiment with braids or half-up, half-down hairstyles, adorned with hair accessories that complement your jewellery.

5. Regal Makeup

Regal Bridal Makeup

Royal Makeup

Becoming a royal isn’t easy, all the parts of your look should look regal, and when we talk about the look, how can we forget the makeup? To bring out your regal side, create a regal makeup look. Royal makeup focuses on highlighting the eyes, making them look bold and fierce. Along with rich, deep-toned lips. Use Kohl to define your eyes and opt for a dramatic winged eyeliner. Choose eye shadow shades that complement your saree and add a touch of shimmer for that extra sparkle. Deep reds, maroons, or plum lip colours enhance the royal feel of the makeup.

6. Luxurious Odhani or Shawl

Luxurious Shawl Or Odhani

Luxurious Shawl

To add an extra layer of grandeur, drape a luxurious odhani or shawl over your silk saree. The odhani/shawl can be in a contrasting colour with heavy embroidery or embellishments that match your saree. Drape it gracefully over one shoulder or you can use it to cover your head for a more traditional look.

7. Royal Footwear

Royal Footwear

Bridal Footwear

Complete your ensemble with royal footwear. Traditional Indian footwear like juttis or intricately embroidered heels can enhance the overall look. Choose footwear that complements the colour scheme of your outfit and features embellishments to match the richness of the attire. However, when attempting to create a royal look avoid wearing very high heels instead you can go for short subtle heels. The bridal shoes by Sabyasachi & Louboutin are perfect for creating a royal look.

8. Regal Accessories

Royal Accessory

Regal Accessories

In addition to jewellery, consider other regal accessories like a bag, waist belt or kamarbandh. These belts, often adorned with stones and intricate metalwork, cinch the waist and add an extra layer of sophistication to the ensemble. A small potli bag or clutch with similar embroidery can be a practical yet stylish addition.

9. Confidence and Poise

The most important element of dressing up like an Indian queen is carrying yourself with confidence and poise. Queens are known for their grace and dignity, so stand tall, walk with purpose, and exude the royal aura. Your attitude will elevate the entire look, making you feel like true royalty.

In conclusion, dressing up like an Indian queen involves immersing yourself in the regal traditions and aesthetics of Indian royalty. From the opulent silk saree to the elaborate jewellery and accessories, each element contributes to creating a look that echoes the timeless elegance of queens from history. Embrace the rich cultural heritage and indulge in the grandeur of Indian queen-inspired fashion for a truly majestic experience.