Embrace Your Unique Beauty With JCS Jewels


After decades of experience in the jewellery domain, JCS Jewels are still known for their undying creativity and skilful craftsmanship that gives birth to unique jewellery creations. The ultimate one-stop-shop for all your jewellery needs, JCS Jewels remains faithful to the traditions they have inherited but that doesn’t hinder them to keep up with contemporary designs and ideas. The store’s high-quality products and customer service makes it a favourite with patrons. Their concept of timeless luxury is reflected through the authentic shapes and forms of their sterling creations.

JCS Jewels

The bijouterie is created especially to embrace and amplify the beauty of each woman. Their store in Chennai offers a vast collection in gold, diamond and platinum to select from. Known for its exclusive designs, their skilled staff are committed to providing you with finely crafted quality and are happy to guide you as you check out their masterpieces. JCS Jewels thrives on creating beautiful pieces that are unique. With a skilled and experienced team that comprises of designers, pattern-makers, goldsmiths, sculptors, engravers and setters, who work together closely and stop at nothing but perfection. They create jewellery which is both unique and aesthetic. JCS, celebrates timeless beauty of  women with creations that reflect history, traditions and passion for anything ‘unique’.


JCS Jewels

Their collection in gold which boasts of everything from bangles, rings to earrings and necklace, is surely a treat to the eyes. A favourite amongst brides this collection is worth owning. Their diamond kadas, earrings, necklace and rings will instantly glam-up your looks and make heads turn wherever you go. Their platinum collection is sheer luxury crafted in the pure metal along with being light-weighted. It can be worn with both ethnic and western outfits. The silver deities idol made out of silver will surely add a dash of positivity to your home.

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