Women battle Ageism through a Social Experiment


epiqueStriving to carbon your twenties while you’re reaching your forties will only make you miss upon the beauty of your age. Catering to the special beauty needs of mature women, scientifically formulated skin care brand, Epique lays out social experiment #BeautyNotANumber to encourage women to accept their flourishing age undeniably. The social experiment disseminates a strong message of why a woman should not be reluctant of her age, and definitely not let it define her beauty.

Take a peek into the social experiment, here:

Epique believes that a woman turning forty should be considered as bona fide as her turning forty, and that should not be envisioned to be the new twenty. It is high time we begin encouraging the peculiarity of every woman regardless of her age. It’s her capabilities that make her a woman of substance and not her age. Before anybody else, women themselves have to believe and absorb the fact that their age is just a number.

Keeping in mind the women of today, Epique’s skin care range promises to prolong the skin’s health with all things natural. And to attain that, Epique infuses its products with PhytoConcentrates—plant molecular extracts that helps reverse the adverse effects on mature skin by enhancing its ability to restore, repair and regenerate from within, effectively, yet naturally.

Following the social experiment, eminent Ex-Journalist, Author and Artist, Kota Neelima shares her rousing post reactions, which were indeed reassuring for every woman around the globe.

Kota describes age to be a rebel that does not wait for approval, for someone to notice or praise. It’s a revolt against what the world dictates you to believe about yourself.

Here’s where you can read how she encourages ageism:


Age is just a number and it will never define your abilities, unless you let it.