Flower trends for intimate weddings


Floral decor at Indian weddings oscillates between colour and scenery– give or take a few centrepieces and elaborate mandaps. In 2022, we put together a list of fresh ways in which couples and wedding decorators are using florals to create the perfect looking weddings 

Indian flowers as decor 

Flowers are without a doubt an integral part of weddings. They are a tradition as well as decoration. And what better flowers to decorate an Indian wedding with, other than Indian flowers. hibiscus on specific is starting to be more popular.This Indian flower comes in various different colours and looks gorgeous when it blooms, which is why it has started to crop up in the wedding scenes. 

Dried florals 

Dry florals are perhaps the biggest trend for receptions and from seating arrangements to centrepieces, they will make any wedding look surreal this style of flowers can be used in wedding decorations or even as a part of a bouquet sometimes.for the wedding dinner tables.

Floral canopy

A flower canopy has a huge significance for the Indian bride under which she looks very pretty. Use a flower canopy that has long support sticks which makes it easier to be held and also does not slouch over the bride’s head.

Colourful modern mandaps 

Square shape mandap design with flowers looks stunning and dreamy. Use of big flowers, grass and lights make this wedding stage elegant one.

Flowers and curtains 

Curtains, Flowers, and Lights play a major role in Wedding Stage design but this design is only with big flowers.the white and pink match makes the perfect combination for post wedding photo shoot.

Marigold minimalism 

Marigolds for minimalism? That’s an idea. The decorator has used marigold intuitively to create an angelic, simple setting that’s very unique for Indian weddings.