Fun Games for Couples

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The weekend is finally here! It is that time of the week when you are deprived of the work pressure and you can finally feel relieved. Relaxing with your partner on the weekend would be one of the top priorities on your list. So, if you have had a hard week and do not feel like going out on a date, then we have got some amazing games for the couples to play at home. Celebrate passionate love from the comfort of your home by celebrating happiness and laughter between you two.

1. Couple Question Cards

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It is one of the best romantic games for couples! By answering the questions written on the play cards, one tends to talk his heart out. Playing a game that involves meaningful conversation will not only nurture a strong emotional connection but will also increase the intimacy between the couple.

2. Body Painting Games

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How about using each other’s bodies as a canvas of your dream masterpieces? Painting hilarious figures or simply a romantic expression on each other’s body with brushes will give a tickle down the spine to your partner. You can either use creams, chocolate syrups and other eatables or some organic paints to do so. This game will be a perfect stimulation for fun foreplay and exciting moments for the couple. 

3. Romantic Scavenger Hunt

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Remember playing treasure hunts in school and college fests? Well, this couple’s edition scavenger hunt is quite the same game, followed by a surprise by your partner. Easy to play as it is, all you need to do is place some cute little notes for your partner, who needs to join the hints to reach the final spot of the game. The final spot could be a treat planned by you for your partner, including a candle-lit diner that would add to the fervour of your romance.

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Fun weekends do not come again and again, so seize this opportunity to nourish your relationship with love and laughter. We highly recommend you to play these fun games with your beloved to keep that spark alive and growing!

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