Grand Entry of The Groom

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The grand entry of the Groom is one of the most awaited moments during a wedding ceremony. In distinct cultures, Grooms mark their entries differently. The oldest Hindu Groom’s traditional entry involves himself entering his wedding venue on a horseback. Also, a lot of games and rituals surround the entry of the groom but it is important that the groom marks his entry by great pomp and show. Below we have listed some of the best ways for the groom to enter the bride’s life.

Traditional Baggies

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Baggi is a chariot drawn by a couple of horses in which the groom sits like the king entering his kingdom. This is the kind of entry that is classic, royal as well as easily available. This entry is celebrated by the unlimited dance of the groom’s close relatives, who enter while enjoying the groovy music.

Entering via Motorbike and Vintage Cars

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Dear Groom, if you are the one who loves adventures, then this idea of entry will be the most preferred by you. Add some more fun to the celebrations by entering on your favourite bullet. Or else you can even go for classic vintage cars that look extremely elegant. These trends are surging popularity in recent times, which at the same is both sophisticated and classy.

Grand Helicopter Entry

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Well, this idea could be a bit above your wedding budget but is as grand as a dream. The adventure freaks with a bunch of extra budgets can experiment with a chopper ride. Entering via helicopter will give you priceless vibes of feeling exuberant when you come to take away your princess. Book a chopper to be at the best of luxury!