Heatless curl hacks that you need to know


Hair health is set to be one of 2021’s biggest beauty trends since we’re still WFH. That means we’re giving our tresses a much-needed break from over-styling and heat damage. Instead, we’re masking around the clock and using heatless styling hacks. From Bantu knots to twists, stocking curls and more, these five heatless curl hacks are literally genius and will help keep split ends at bay and prevent damage caused by heat styling.

Stocking Curl Hacks

You can easily create loose waves and curl using a pair of stockings. Unlike many of the other TikTok curling hacks, braids hair around the tights for a more voluminous wave. This one is quite trending this one. Try this out on clean hair and this will become your favourite hack.

Bantu Knot Curl

If you have textured hair, Bantu knots are a great WFH styling option that’ll keep you looking cute from one wash to the next. After washing your hair, style them in Bantu knots (be extra generous with styling creams), then leave them to dry. When you take them out, you’ll have tight, bouncy curls.

Sock Curl

Use a curling wand, however, for this heatless hack opt for socks instead and the result is insane. This is one hack endorsed by influencers and hairstylists alike. This is one of the easiest hack to get effortless waves the way celebrities flaunt.

Bathrobe Curl

If you’re looking to add definition to your strands, doing a twist out is an oldie but a goodie. They’re super easy to do and will give a more defined coil. Try this one for your next zoom call meeting or virtual date or an outing with friends.

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