How To Style Sweatpants (And Not Look Sloppy) 101


It’s a blatant lie that one can be in the mood or has the might to dress up every day. No ma’am, somedays our inner slob tends to permeate our state of mind, no matter how hard we might try (or maybe not!). And you end up mentally slapping yourself for your lousy decisions in the morning when that cute guy in the same shuttle coach as yours has his eyes hooked on the Tumblr girl next to you when it could actually have been you! 

Well, well, well, the question here rests, what to do in situations like these, when you do not wish to blow your chances of booking a date for the weekend but then again can’t help the Monday/ Tuesday/ every working day blues from seeping in? Why not try experimenting with the pair of sweats you’re currently wearing while gorging on those fries? Yes, you read that right, your comfy snuggly sweats can actually be used as a fashion statement while you strut the streets, no need to give them that questionable second glance.

We at Wedding Affair have curated a list of 5 fashionable ways you can style your sweatpants, in the hasty mornings or lazy spirits, without looking sloppy!

1. Monochrome Magic

Okay, we get it, ‘yikes’ might have been your first reaction to the word ‘monochrome’ but trust us on this, if you rock a monochromatic look with confidence, you can conquer the world. A fitted bodysuit in the same colour as your sweatpants along with a pair of similar coloured boots or casual shoes would be a power look that people will surely take notice of.

2. With Classic Chucks

When we say nothing, we mean it that simply nothing can go wrong when you have some chucks to your rescue. Hop into a pair of high tops chucks or classic converse sneaker when going for your sweats and a graphic t-shirt to go with it and a cute messy hair bun could be a combo made in heaven.

3. Crop Tops Catastrophy

Crop tops and sweats are like the carrots and peas, they always work out so well together! If you’re in a mood for something cute and flirty, team up your sweats with a cropped top and some sneakers or boots and you’ll be all set to slay. 

4. Pump It Up

Give your sweats a little chic turn around by pairing them up with some fierce and elegant pair of pumps. You can experiment with their colours and can choose to keep it subtle or even go full out with a poppy colour. We can attest, this dynamic look will surely make heads turn. 

5. Bring In The Bling

Accessorizing levels up any look just within a few seconds. We strongly recommend pulling up a few delicate and cute jewellery pieces from your vanity like dainty lockets or bracelets or rings can be sported with sweats very fashionably. A cushy fur jacket and some boots and some statement glasses will make your look stand out big time!


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