How will the wedding invitations look this year?


Most often than not, the official wedding announcement reaches the friends and relatives through a wedding invitation card. The wedding invitations set the mood for the festivities to follow. So including a theme or a special effect on your wedding invites only makes sense. To help you choose the best kind of wedding invites for your wedding, we at Wedding Affair have enlisted some great ideas. Have a look at these amazing wedding invitation cards and inspire the mood board for your own wedding invitations. The first step for you would be to finalise a theme or a colour setting for your cards. Then, you can build on those ideas for the best wedding invitation card in the world. 

Dainty Aesthetics

A wedding invite with watercolour details and little pastel effects are dainty and quite aesthetic. One can easily take inspiration from the destination of their wedding or even their love story for a beautiful design. The thing with watercolour wedding invites is that they look very delicate and pleasing. They also add a tinge of class with the letters engraved in a shiny foil. Hence, the couple looking for a classy wedding invitation must resort to this style.

Rustic Effects

Adding a rustic charm to your wedding invite will accentuate its appeal. Using jute ties and cardboard sheets, one can easily make their wedding invites beautiful as well as rustic. Adding a pop of colour with flowers like marigold will multiply its look by tenfolds. Keeping minimum text and minimum designs are the key.

Floral Art

Make it a Floral Wedding, and repeat your vows surrounded by the exquisite beauty of an abundance of arranged flowers and graceful greenery. Usually, Floral Wedding Invitations are overflowing with gorgeous buds and cascades of flowers in full bloom embellishing cool designs. From a single stem tastefully incorporated to a bountiful bouquet bursting into view from an edge, floral is the featured element. (Source: Greetings Island)


Including the illustrations of the couple or personal illustrations in a wedding invitation is as personalised as it can get. Couples look especially stunning with such illustrations. Plus it renders a beautiful personal finish for the guests who will be eager to join. Also, it adds a quirky touch to the entire design. Try adding some for your own and you can have a lot of fun with your wedding invites.

Digital Invites

These are modern-day invites that have eventually evolved into the best of the stated above kinds. Promoting great aesthetics, a message of sustainability and easy deliveries, digital invites are the best. Ask your designer for video invites and gif ideas to incorporate in your own wedding invitations. Ahead of this pandemic, we believe that digital invites along with digital weddings are going to be a big hit among the masses and celebs alike.

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