Mixing Tradition With Timeless Luxury : JCS Jewel Creations


jcs_weddingaffairJewellery is the most important part of any bride’s ensemble. JCS Jewel Creations is a leading jewellery brand in India that brings for the brides, a unique collection of gold, diamond, and platinum jewellery.

They provide with a perfect combination of traditional and contemporary designs. With decades of experience, their craftsmen have managed to place their traditional techniques with today’s contemporary luxury and modern designs.

They happen to have an experienced team of designers, pattern makers, gold and silversmiths, sculptors, and engravers who together with their talents combined create the most unique jewellery pieces.

At JCS, the quality of jewellery is measured by the 4 Cs of jewellery making – Cut, Clarity, Colour, and Carat.

They ensure that their jewellery gets the best cut as they believe that jewellery is born through this process. They also believe that clarity implies purity and hence, their products have the clearest diamonds ever. Their diamonds are always colourless and finally their products have a great variety and purity to decide and judge the carat from.

They have a selection of luxury heirlooms that range from temple antiques to uncut diamonds. Their collection ranges from statement diamond jewellery to rare and unique platinum jewellery.

Their stores provide services like product briefing, and creative suggestions, and evaluate client’s response, in an attempt to provide with spectacular client services.

JCS Jewel Creations was launched in 2013, by Arvind Katrela. His vision was to create the identity of the brand in an already existing market and to ensure that JCS is the first name to come up when speaking of the jewellery market. His mission was to grow the brand through the entire South Indian market by being able to serve various demographics. Today, it is a well established and renowned brand all over the city.

Their philosophy revolves around uniqueness and beauty and at JCS they thrive to provide their customers just that. They create timeless creations with designs that reflect history and tradition, both.

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