Keep in mind these date tips with someone you met online


So you met this really cute guy on a dating app and you both have been talking for quite some time now when he suddenly asks you to meet him in person. While talking to someone on the phone through calls and messages for a long time can be fun, meeting them in person is a different ball game altogether. When getting ready for your first date, it is normal to be nervous and excited. The anticipation and the sweaty palms are the things that accompany you on your first date! When meeting someone that you met online, for the first time, there are some things to keep in mind to ensure a good and smooth first date.

Pick a place that you both like

While deciding the place of your first date, try to pick a place that you both will feel comfortable. Be it a restaurant, a cafe, or a club, pick a place that you both like and will easily be able to reach.


Share your date location with a friend

Safety matters. While you have talked to that person before, but you have never met them and know nothing about them. So share your location with a friend or a family member to ensure your safety and to keep someone in the loop.

Listen to them carefully

While talking to them, listen to what they have to say. Be curious about them and their interests and ask them but plenty of questions, but only after listening to them carefully. Don’t listen just to ask a follow-up question.


Be punctual

To make a good impression on your date, it is increasingly important for you to reach the place on time. Don’t be late on your first date if you don’t want to spoil their mood by keeping them waiting.

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