Meeting the ‘Could Be’ for the first time


Meeting the ‘Could Be’ for the first time before marriage

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Go with the clear mind;

If you have seen the person’s profile on a social networking site, do not let that image plague your thoughts Many times, what people have on these sites is but an extension of who they want to be rather than who they actually are. Go with a clear mind and let your instinct guide you through it.

Well placed;

The most preferred choice is a coffee shop where the vibe is right and you might end up seeing other ‘could be’ couples too. Notice how he/she speaks to the waiter or whether he/she checks out other women/men in the vicinity. Refrain from going to a bar or a lounge.

Break the Ice;

Start by asking about work. If you are confident about your sense of humour, you may crack a few jokes to lighten up the mood. Talk about hobbies and passions, as these topics never fail you when you want to strike a conversation. Then gradually you may itch towards the reason you two are there.

Speaking your mind;

Do not impersonate any figure that you might be carrying in your mind while going to meet the ‘could be’. Be yourself. Let the person sitting in front of you see who you are. Assess the chances.


Things you must talk about;

Career- Where is your going? How much growth do you expect in your profession? As a girl, you must, make your career goals clear to the guy. On in case, you do not want to work after marriage, voice your feelings clearly.

Family – Whether he/she is too attached to the family or too detached, whether the person lives in a joint family set up or not. How many family members are dependent on the guy? The answer to these questions may help you take the call.

Social circle of the person- This will tell you if the person is introvert or extrovert; one thing that becomes a thing of dispute between married couples when one wants to attend a party but the other one does not.

Don’t Rush;

Time is an important factor. So take plenty of it before you give your word. Marriage is a consolidated form of many things put together. You don’t even buy a phone without proper research then why marry in a rush? Take your time. Listen to your heart while keeping an eye on your mind’s reaction.

However looking for reasons to say ‘yes’ for marriage should not be your aim, rather observe and analyse the person you meet.