Monsoon Scaring Your Skin? Apply This Skincare Routine


Monsoon days are just here at your door asking for you to drench yourselves in the pour and let all the stress wear out from your soul. Poetic enough? Okay, let us now get to the real talk. All of us getting pretty sick of how our skin gets under the rain, despite the fun it creates in the aura. All skins also become prone to visible issues like breakouts, dullness, and stickiness. Today we are going to share some helpful skincare tips and essentials with you that will prevent your layers from getting into trouble this time. So, here it goes –

  1. Wash your face often
Wash your face often with water.

The rains really create a humid atmosphere where your skin, especially your face feels sticky a lot. You can’t just always wipe off all the moisture or oil, as this could result in an irritating skin rash. It is better to wash your face 4-5 times a day with water to remove the extra layer of oil and hummus from your face. Do not over-wash your face as this could to dryness too.

  1. Cleanse
Remove extra layers of dirt through cleansing.

Cleansing is an important part of the skincare routine. One might think that since there is no dust in the environment, cleansing can be skipped. Wrong. Even in rainy weather, there are tiny particles of dust and pollution that seep into your skin and contaminate it deeply. You need to cleanse your face with a suitable cleanser twice a day – once in the morning while you shower, and then before going to bed. If you need skin that remains healthy throughout the seasons, you must cleanse it well.

  1. Scrub out the impurities
Scrub out all the hidden dirt.

Well, does cleansing do it all? No. You will require an additional layer of cleaning for your layers. Exfoliating your skin with a good scrub that has tangible granules is very essential. Sometimes the dust on your skin seeps into the pores and clogs them. Unclogging them via a gentle scrub allows your skin to breathe well.

  1. Lock the moisture
Lock the moisture.

Once all the cleaning is done, lock the natural moisture of your skin using a quality moisturizer. It is a myth that you do not need a moisturizer as the well itself is pretty humid and it keeps your skin overly hydrated. The stickiness on your skin is not moisture, but pollution, particles, and dust which need to be removed and prevented by using a well-suited moisturizer.

  1. Do not forget the sunscreen
Sunscreen is essential.

Another myth – sunscreen is not required on rainy days as there is no sun. It is right that you do not get to see the bright sun shining over your head, but the harmful UVA and UVB rays are slight there, even between the clouds. If you are uncomfortable using regular sunscreens, opt for one that is water-based but do not skip it. The rays in the monsoon are equally harmful to your skin as in the days of summer.

  1. Avoid or reduce makeup
Avoid makeup this season.

Since all skin types become comparatively sensitive in the monsoon season, it is advised that you skip the makeup routine as this could result in severe breakouts. This is because when a lot of particles are sitting uncleaned on your face, damaging its real moisture, adding cosmetics over it is only going to fuel up the process. Also, makeup may wipe off easily on rainy days. It is better that you do not apply any sort of makeup on your skin and only skincare. However, if you still feel like putting on some, you can go for an eyeliner, a moisturizing lip balm and matte lipstick, and a compact powder that provides a natural finish and also does not cause any stickiness.

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