When Music-sicons – ‘The Malik Brothers’ got candid


Symphonic siblings, Amaal and Armaan Malik have been taking the music industry by storm ever since they were introduced to the industry in 2014. With Daboo Malik as their father, Anu Malik as their Uncle and Sardaar Malik as their Grandfather,  it’s only music that runs in their DNA. Getting all candid, the musical doublet reveals the lesser known facts about them.

Know the stars..

Armaan and Amaal

Amaal Malik

Amaal Malik, a music composer who started discovering music from the age of eight, made his first solo debut in Salman Khan’s Jai Ho in 2014. Amaal did not want to be influenced by the kind of music he has been listening to since childhood, so he decided to create his own distinct sound. He, at the age of 15, began assisting music directors Pritam, Salim-Sulaiman, Amar Mohile and Sandeep Chowta. He composed hit music for multi-composer songs, including Roy and Kapoor & Sons. The glory he was waiting for finally arrived with Neeraj Pandey’s biopic ‘MS Dhoni – The Untold Story’. The hard work has finally paid off.

Armaan Malik

A music enthusiast, Armaan Malik has reached new heights as an Indian singer. Armaan picked up the Filmfare award as the winner of prestigious R.D. Burman Award in the new music talent category in the year 2016. Armaan is trained in Hindustani classical music and also received a full-tuition scholarship in the summer of 2011 to learn pop/R&B music at the prestigious Berklee College of Music, Boston (USA) which left him completely changed. Armaan is quite fond of western music and he foresees singing a lot of English songs in the near future. He has great affinity for pop and R&B genres.

In a candid conversation with the Malik brothers, we unveiled facts about them that were quite interesting:

Self-defining themselves

Amaal: I would define myself as a creative and very ambitious person. I put my heart and soul into everything that I’m doing. I’m quite lazy at times.

Armaan: I would define myself as a young singer/songwriter whose dream is to spread his music and love across the globe. I am very honest to myself, my work and to others. I love my family, friends, my home and my pup, Handsome.

Moments that made them proud

Amaal: In 2015, when I was performing a set of my songs on Indian Idol with my younger brother Armaan, we called our father on stage at the end of the performance. We sang his song with him on stage. I’m really close to my father and this has been by far the proudest moment of my life.

Armaan: My proudest moment so far has been, when I called up my dad on stage to receive my very first GiMA Music Award.

Ambitious since childhood

Amaal: Music was within me and I was lucky enough to have been born into a family of talented musicians like my grandpa Sri Sardar Malik, uncle Anu Malik and father Daboo Malik, who are the three generations of incredible music directors. I learnt a lot through them, got hands on experience in Indian Classical music from my grandfather. By the age of 15, I was making random melodies and I was sure I wanted to be a composer in films. But I wanted to learn more, so I opted to start my career by assisting other music directors and doing jingles side by side. I’ve worked as an assistant for 8 years to harvest this dream and now that I’ve successfully taken my initial steps into this industry, I have to work even harder.

Armaan: My childhood ambition was to be the best singer that I could ever be. I wanted to be a singer all my life because that’s the only thing I’m best at.

Speaking Passion

Amaal: Music is all I’ve got. It makes me feel immortal at times. You can say I eat, drink and sleep music.

Armaan: My passion is to just keep getting bigger and better as an artist. I want to expand my horizons and not only constrict myself with Bollywood and Hindi Music.

Fitness regimes of the Malik Brothers

Amaal: I sweat it out by playing football.

Armaan: I love my workouts. I work out 4 times a week; alternating between weight training and free hand exercises.

Their Idea of Romance

Amaal: I’ve been the most hopeless romantic all my life (laughs). As of now I’m single. But I plan to take my girl to wine and dine in a tree house on top of a solitary hill, decorate the interiors with yellow dim lights and carnations all around. Someone who has a pure heart and soul, and is sweet and considerate to people around her, is a kind of a girl I seek for.

Armaan: My idea of romance is an amazing date at a great restaurant and then ending the date with a long drive, breezy air is going to be the cherry on the cake. Well, I haven’t been in a serious relationship in a long time, but if I am in one, I will obviously serenade her. A woman with an infectious smile can make me go gaga over her; I am immediately attracted to a beautiful smile.

Their take on the Music Industry

Amaal: Best thing about being a composer for Bollywood is that your music connects to a lot of individuals all over the world in so many different ways. The worst thing is that you don’t get time to keep healthy and fit. People want us to deliver songs as soon as possible, everyone is impatient for a hit song, but they don’t understand that music doesn’t work that way.

Armaan: The best thing is to achieve fame, money and success. The worst is the fact that this industry is really fickle. You have to keep proving yourself time to time.

Favorite go-to destination

Amaal & Armaan: Dubai

Choice of music genre

Amaal: Deep House (Subgenre in the house of Music. Has complex melody and unrelated chromatic chords)

Armaan: Pop and R&B