Must-have bags in your trousseau


A good bag can definitely breathe life into your everyday outfits. These become even more important for the new bride who wants to make a statement every time she steps out. Bags make an important aspect of your attire, and thus they must be given their due importance to your wedding trousseau. Wedding Affair enlists some of the must-have bags for your wedding trousseau. These are sure to brighten up your looks.

The most classic

Every girl dreams of having at least one bag from one of the premium and high on couture brands. Make sure that your most expensive baby is neutral in colour, or preferably black and it will never say no to any of your looks!

Slings go a long way

A short sling like this one will go with all your outfits! These will come in handy when you have to go out for a party or even a romantic dinner date with your husband. It will make sure that you party hassle-free and you don’t have to carry this filled with everything bag but just your essentials.bags

Traditional Clutch

This one is a saviour for all your family functions and get-togethers and goes well particularly with the Indian outfits. In recent months, clutches have become the favourite of fashionistas the world over for the versatility in their designs and the ease with which they can help upgrade any outfit.


Yes! The monogrammed bag! If you’re in for shedding a few more pennies (probably more than that) then a classic monogram is a must-have! Its evergreen, speaks loud about its presence and should be your go-to for brunches or even your work meetings!

The Tote

This one keeps it all! Going for a weekend trip? A tote is what you need! A tote simply gulps down as much stuff as you feed. So yes, carry that extra lipstick, you never know you might need it! Well, the classic tote comes in a minimalistic look, shape and colour. Some ladies say this bag is the most boring one, but thanks to normcore and minimalistic fashion, everything has changed. It’s a perfect way how you can update your look. 

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