Out-of-the-box Wedding Gift Ideas for Newlyweds


It can be quite confusing to buy gifts for newlyweds. Usually, everyone gifts the same generic thing which neither the gift giver is satisfied with nor is the bridegroom happy about.

Your gift to the newlyweds should be something which could show your love for them and something which they can use in the coming years of their marriage. It should be meaningful and creative, that is, something which reminds the couple of you and your love for them whenever they use it.

Following are some of the unique and creative wedding gift options which you can give to the newlyweds.

  1. Personalized items for the win

Personalized stuff is always more meaningful and appreciated by everyone than normal gifs. You can gift the bride and groom something personalized like personalized coffee mugs or wine glasses with their names engraved on them or a personalized cushion cover or something entirely different. There are several personalized gifting options in the market.

Personalized Wine Glasses look very classy. Source: Etsy
  1. A Recipe book

This is more of a DIY project but will end up becoming very meaningful for the bride and groom. All you have to do is get the near and dear ones of the newlyweds and write the recipes they love in a journal. This would end up becoming such a meaningful gift for the couple. They’ll surely cherish it forever.

A recipe book curated with the favorite recipes of their loved ones will surely be a hit. Source: Pinterest
  1. Picture Album to Store Memories

You can gift the couple a photo album. It can be very personalized with their picture on the cover. You can also make the whole album yourself by attaching their pictures to it. Alternatively, you can give the album empty to the couple so as to give them a chance to fill it up with the future memories they’ll make of their married life.

Picture Albums are a great gift as they give the couple something which can help them in curating memories
  1. Expensive Alcohol

Alcohol is always a good gift for the couple who enjoys getting a glass of wine or whiskey every other day. You can make it premium by giving them an expensive old bottle of wine or whiskey. A decanter and glasses with the bottle will make the gift more appealing and thoughtful. Nowadays, monogrammed bottles of wine are also available in the market for gifting purposes.

Expensive Alcohol will always remain a great gifting option
  1. You can never go wrong with tech products

Everyone loves a tech product, especially if it is highly modern and makes life easier. Products like air purifiers, robotic vacuum cleaners, good speakers, and even Amazon Alexa are very much appreciated by people. These kinds of gifts will be functional, practical, and extremely useful for the newlyweds. They would truly appreciate and use these for years to come.

Amazon Alexa or Google Home are some of the great gifting options
  1. Luggage or Bags for their future trips and Honeymoon

Luggage is expensive, especially good-quality luggage. But, it is an investment that lasts many years. Gifting the newlyweds a luggage set or bags will not only be a practical gift but will also surely be used by them. This will be used by the bride and groom for a long time and will also be greatly appreciated by them.

Gifting Luggage is a great idea, especially for couples who love to travel. Source: Pinterest
  1. Board Games

Ludo, Monopoly, Cards against Humanity, Chess, Carrom, etc. are some examples of the board or card games that you can gift the couple. This is a very unique gift and will be greatly enjoyed by the newlyweds. The board games will act as a medium for some bonding time between the couple.

Board Games are great for date nights!

Thus, gift-giving is an art that can’t be aced by many. Your gift needs to be thoughtful and unique to make it stand out among the rest. It should celebrate their love and matrimony in either a practical or aesthetic way.

One should always give the gift according to the personalities of the couple and something which can complement them and their relationship.

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