Plan A Cute Picnic Date This Way!

Couple at the picnic in the nature

Well enough of Pinterest peeking right through your soul and laughing about how you and your partner have not planned a picnic date yet. But seriously, why haven’t you? One of the cutest, most aesthetic, soul-pleasing, and intimate ways of going on a date is to do it as a picnic. Back in the younger days we used to do so with our families and have the time of our lives. So why not with your partner? Don’t worry, it is never too late. Hop on to this ride we will explain to you how to plan the perfect date.

  1. Pick a classic picnic basket

First things first, we ought to collect a lot of stuff to have the most adorable date ever. In this list, the top spot is taken by the classic old bamboo picnic basket, obviously. This is not just to hit the checklist, but to store all the stuff that you and your partner are going to carry. Pick one that is sturdy and spacious too.

  1. Carry a thick and cleanable mat

Picnics happen on farms and fields and you really do not want to sit on sophisticated chairs, but remain down to earth and use mats. It gives you the authentic picnic feels where you can just sit in front of your partner, gaze into their eyes, and talk about life while smiling through your heart. Choose a mat that does not stick up any dirt or dust, is easily cleanable, and spreads across a wide area.

  1. Keep a thin blanket for safety

Okay, we realize that picnic dates are appropriate only for the spring and summer, but it is better to be safe than sorry. You can never predict the weather and having a thin blanket handy is only a win-win. Also, it could also be used by you two to cozy up the atmosphere.

  1. Carry a portable drink cooler with you
chilled colorful beverages in ice box. summer party

Another must-have on the picnic checklist is a portable drink cooler. You can store water, juices, and alcohol like wine, ice, and ice packs, amongst various other things in the cooler. You could also carry an insulated cooler that can store food and drinks, instead of just a drink cooler.

  1. Mini furniture and cutlery

Picnics can get pretty adventurous without notice. This is why you must carry all the cutlery and tableware that is sturdy and unbreakable. Not heavy, but not delicate too. Plates that do not break while shifting to a new location and glasses that do not shatter just by a little spill. Also carry a mini table to systematically place and decorate all the food and drinks that you have brought.

  1. Carry essentials

Some essentials that you cannot leave for your picnic without – first aid for emergency situations, bug spray to keep all insects and bugs at bay, sanitizer for cleanliness and hygiene, napkins to keep you clean, trash bags to clear up all the mess after the date, and sunscreen to protect you from the rays.

  1. Pick a secluded spot that is secure too

Choose a location that is not too far but also not too close to your place. This is like a mini getaway and it is supposed to let you both breathe into nature. Search for various locations and choose the one that has greenery, a scenic view, security by the state, and is free from wildlife.

  1. Wear comfortable clothes

Since this is a field date rather than one in a fancy restaurant, you and your partner might want to pick something that is comfortable. Choose breathable and loose clothing that is easier to move in.

  1. Think about the menu

Decide what you both want to binge upon. Also, the menu should include items that do not cause a lot of mess and are also easy to carry. Sandwiches, dry cake, finger chips, fruits, dips, croissants, juices, and ready-to-eat items are some of the things you could include.

  1. Extra activity

Apart from looking into nature and giggling with your partner, take something with you that elevates your date game. Either download a movie and take your laptop with you or pick a card game that you would want to play. This will only increase the fun that you both are going to have on this lovely date.