Pose & Shine: Wedding Photography Ideas

Wedding Photography
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Indian Weddings may be an amalgamation of a number of rituals and customs, but who says that we can’t go that extra mile to make it all hip and LIT? The 21st-century couples are ditching the old school classic couple poses and are shifting their focus to making each picture count for itself. From choosing exotic shoot locations to colour coordinated outfits, couples are not leaving any stone unturned when it’s about getting those perfect shots. And because Wedding Affair is all about trends and fashion, we bring you a few of the most picturesque and creative shots that you can try with your partner for your wedding photography!

Have Some Fun

Prabhu Yendamuri Photography

For the love of God, please ditch the old standing hand in hand pictures and try as hard as you can to reflect your relationship via your pictures. This pictures clearly shows the perfect chemistry between the couple and how a little ‘nauk jhok’ is always important to keep the love going! If your 75kgs lehenga doesn’t allow you to ride a scooter, try stealing his car keys (wink wink).

Dance It Out

Shutter Speed India
The Wedding Story India

If your idea of an ideal wedding is not dancing, dancing and endless dancing, then we don’t know what weddings are you talking about. The best way to show your happiness is to dance it out, and what better way to start your new relationship, than dancing it out with your partner? Shake that booty and tell your photographer to not miss out on any of your thumkas! Dance shots count in wedding photography, yes!

Add Bollywood Touches

Wedding Photography
Aswin Suresh Photography
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If you’re a big Bollywood buff and have always dreamt about being the Simran to his Raj or the Anjali to his Rahul, then we say you pick up a few chiffon sarees and let your inner Sridevi do the dancing. All you need is a long flowy dupatta and lots of wind, and here it is, your own Yash Chopra production, featuring you and bae!

Oozing Creativity

Wedding Photography

For those who love to go all the way down in the oceans of love, we say you get something like done. Ask your photographer to use his editing skills and make the best of your pictures. Isn’t this one smoking hot though? Wedding photography at its best!

The Back Shots

Jovanni Photography

Last but not the least, just like any movie needs a happy ending, your wedding album needs one too. Just when you are done taking a trillion shots, ask your photographer to do a back shot with just you and your bae, to give you album the perfect ending! Hence, this style of wedding photography can be unique for you both.

Just like your D-day is one of the biggest milestones in your life, your wedding album is the proof of how happy that day was for you. We want you to go AWWW…some every time you skim through your album and hence these poses are what you need to save away right now!

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