Revamp your balconies with some boho-chic decor tips


Have you been thinking of revamping your mini balconies? Well, if you are then let us tell you that you can do a lot of things to make your minimal balconies look extraordinary with some boho and aesthetic decor ideas. Have a look at the following tips that might help you to build a cute bohemian balcony at your home.

Match the colour scheme


There are people who tend to be very particular in terms of choosing the colour palette for your home decor. And while we are discussing the ways to give your mini balconies an aesthetic and boho-chic look, you can make sure that the colour scheme matches to that of your entire interior. For instance, if you follow a beige colour scheme for your interiors then it will be better to decorate your exteriors according to the same shades.

Experiment with plants

Nature always makes your home look boho and aesthetic. Likewise while we think of some of the best balcony decorating ideas then you should probably think of filling it with plants to the brim. You can always experiment with plants. From all kinds of hanging plants, indoor plants to pretty flower pots, everything will make your balconies look super cute and boho-chic.

Aesthetic fairy lights


Dim yellow lights are always a perfect way to make the decor look aesthetic and gives the place a bohemian touch. You can try and put up some dim fairy lights just so that you can enjoy the vibe while at night. Fairy lights will not just make your balconies look beautiful, but they’ll also catch the attention of all your friends and make it a ‘spot’ for almost all the parties and get together at your place.


Well, since we’re mentioning all about balcony decor, then let us tell you that you should probably think of buying some dream catchers, wind chimes, cage hangings or anything that might make your balconies look a hundred per cent aesthetic with a pinch of bohemian touch. This way your balcony will look literally like a fairytale and magical place at your house.

Foldable furniture/swings


Well, you will have to do a lot of research and furniture hunting for this, because finding a minimal chair and table set for your cute little balconies is not a cakewalk, right? Because we need nothing but the best. Try and look out for aesthetic-looking foldable chairs and tables just to make your balconies look like a proper seating area with soothing lights, plants, and boho decor elements. Furthermore, you can also opt for a rocking chair or a cute swing just to chill out and give yourself a break from your daily routine.

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