Route to a Leo woman’s heart: 4 tips to follow 


Well, since the Leos are under the spotlight as of now, then why not give them some extra attention? Which by the way they would love. So, how many of you are trying to impress a Leo woman out there? If you are then what better than their birthday month to express your feelings. For your assistance on the same, we have a few tips listed below that might help you win over your Leo womans heart.

Flattery gestures


We all know that Leos represent the royal aura of the king of the jungle- Lion. Likewise, think of it this way that you are up for impressing a lioness so make sure that your gestures are pretty grand. For your first tip, we would suggest you be all flattery on her and make her think that shes the most beautiful woman in the room and that you just cant take your eyes off her. Dont waste your time thinking of ways to indirectly convey your feelings, instead be as blunt as you can, as that might seal the deal.

Let her lead on

Provided that she is a royal persona do not expect her to live under your dominance or play the old-school submissive role of a female. Being in charge and taking the lead is what attracts her the most. Shell be more than happy to take the reigns in her hands, so the simple mantra to win her heart is to agree to whatever she says. And make sure that you are n to dictating her your terms because that, my friend would create a mess.

Be all in for PDA

These divas are all bout the attention and the pampering, if you guys are to impress a Leo woman well then you should probably gear up for some serious PDA moments. She is definitely not the awkward kind, instead, she would love it if you were to kiss her in public or probably accept your feelings in front of everyone. Surprise her, and make her feel on top of the world.

A little bit of jealousy might work


She is not the one who gets attracted to easy targets, once she thinks that there is something worth fighting over that is when she talks business. So, another tip suggests that you should make her feel that she has a few contenders and that she might not be the only one. This way her jealous side will inflame her passion towards you and thats how your motives are successful. But just make sure not to take this jealousy game too far or else things might run the other way around.

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