Steps To Downsize Your Wedding Guest List.


Marriage is a beautiful beginning. It is not only the beginning of two people; instead, it is the beginning of two families, and it is a lifelong commitment. Marriage is the other name for physical Union, spiritual Union and emotional Union.

Do you know the essential part of any wedding ceremony? The words are utilised to proclaim never-ending love and appreciation between each unique couple. A perfect wedding ceremony includes other elements like offering love and support. If you are dealing with a wedding scenario resulting from a coronavirus outbreak, you need to downsize your wedding guest list. It is essential to cut down some guest lists to avoid crowds and risks.

Some of the most effective steps to downsize your wedding guest list:

A wedding celebration is an opportunity to invite all your family, friends, and loved ones to come to celebrate your new beginning of life. It is done with proper planning.

Wedding ceremonies have the motive to serve several different purposes, and they are primarily a cherished moment in the lives of couples. We all know that wedding ceremony are often used as the public display of marriage vows.

The best thing about having a smaller guest list is that you have enough time to focus more on your wedding ceremony and its preparation. A minor guest loss will make your guest who is attending feel more comfortable, given the current state of affairs.

Are you also worried about how to downsize your wedding guest list? Well, we have the perfect hacks to help you here!

Focus on your Family

Focus on your family

The first thing which you need to do is to invite your family. Family makes the wedding ceremony more memorable. Make sure to focus on your family first.

When it comes to the family, you might find them a lot in number when you and your family are put together to discuss. In that case, your wedding ceremony is the coming together of your families. You need to include all the family members in the guest list. You can exclude an uncle or aunt who is not in touch for seven years now is a decision at your discretion. With your partner and your parents, you may have a long list on your mind. You can exclude relatives who need to travel from far off places. You can include or give preference to only non-negotiable people.

Determine your VIP guest.

Determine your VIP guest

If you want to chalk out a guest list under certain circumstances, you need to prioritise the guest. You must have to invite your VIP guest. These are people that you want to ask, no matter how small or the guest loss you are working with. Make sure to think about those people that are very precious and idols to you. You can also reach out to them individually to confirm that they are available on the specific fare you intend to get married or not.

¬†Cut those who don’t talk to regularly.

Cut those who don’t talk to regularly.

There are some relationships where there is an only formality. You don’t need to bring a formal connection to your wedding ceremony to increase the crowd. This may not be easy to do, but downsizing the wedding guest list is an important step. This step plays a significant role as it is one of the most cut and dry tactics for limiting your wedding guest list.

You can only invite the guest you have had very recent and regular communication with.

 Avoid Children and Aged Guests

Avoid Children and Aged Guests

The best way to downsize your wedding guest list is to avoid children and aged people. We know this is unfair, and everyone deserves to enjoy the party. But here, the circumstances are very different. Children and aged relatives are the most vulnerable age groups affected by the pandemic. So please avoid inviting children and aged people to your wedding party. This will help to prevent any risks. Despite all that, you can arrange a virtual party for them to enjoy. You can probably include these guests on zoom call or another platform to bring them as a part of your wedding scenario.

Convey politely and honestly

Convey politely and honestly

This is the most challenging part of wedding planning. It is crucial to be brutally honest and highly polite while conveying your final guest list. You can send a formal or informal invitation to the guest and let them know why you had to make such a decision.

If you have planned to have a big fat wedding with proper etiquette in mind, you need to prepare by taking all the safety measures to prevent any pandemic.

Marriage is a beautiful word that helps couples commit their relationship to God in a temple, church or mosque.

“And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.”