Stunning Bridal Outfits for Intimate Weddings!


Corona virus is an ultimate bummer for all the brides who dream of a grand wedding. With the number of restrictions that have been imposed by the Government, it has become so difficult to manage things at a large scale. The restriction on the number of guests called, the process of following instructions, ensuring thermal checks, etc. have totally snatched the vibes of a real wedding.

However, it would be wrong to say that the love and shared enthusiasm has decreased. The bride, the groom and the family members involved are equally happy to create together a small and intimate wedding even in the times of corona virus. Wedding is once in a lifetime experience and must be celebrated in the best manner possible.

The grand weddings that were organized pre-corona were obviously a hectic affair. There were a huge number of guests involved and preparations had to match up with the grandeur. A bride’s attire was carefully crafted months before a wedding and was obviously not that cheap, nor was it light.

Corona virus has introduced the trend of intimate weddings consisting of close family members. The bride in such intimates wedding also gets to enjoy the various moments of laughter and happiness. To make things easy and breezy for the bride, we are, in this blog suggesting stunning outfits that our beautiful brides can wear without being caught up in the heavy attire chaos.


Lehengas are the first choice of every girl. They  complete the wedding dream of every bride and are totally gorgeous. However, since your intimate wedding has now been shifted to your home with a few closed ones around, you can absolutely stay hustle free by donning a simple pastel colored lehenga with a few sequins here and there. Pastels are the trend setters of 2020. Moreover, they are very calming and breathy. Celebrate your wedding Anushka style with a simple pastel daylight lehenga.

Pastel Lehenga
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Shararas have taken over Lehngas this year. Corona virus introduced the trend of warm and intimate weddings in India. The most favorite and comfortable wedding attired for 2021 has to be a sharara. They are chic, smart and traditional.  Get yourself a sharara stitched in one of your favorite colors and you’ll be unmissable at your intimate wedding.

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We all loved how Deepika Padukone slayed her wedding reception in a beautiful Kanjivaram saree. Actress Rekha has also been giving us major goals with her Kanjivaram saree looks. Wearing a beautiful red sari with gold kanjivaram borders would definitely steal the show. Accessorize with some Kundans and all eyes would be on you.

Kanjivaram Saree
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Suits are embedded in the Indian traditional system. They anyways look good and are a game changer when it comes to a wedding. In many traditional Punjabi families, wearing suit at the wedding is a ritual. Hence, you too can surely wear a sequined heavy suit at your intimate home wedding. We promise that you’ll shine brighter than others at your cute wedding.

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We are pretty sure that whatever you wear would automatically look stunning!

Wishing you and your groom a very happy intimate wedding!

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