Summer fashion in full bloom

Summer Fashion

Devour this beautiful season in its full glory with your colourful summer fashion. The seasons of spring and summer are definitely the ones to try printed attire in. From printed shirts and pants to printed accessories, everything about prints is funky yet chic. They mirror the life that blooms during the summer. The beautiful patterns highlight the beauty of nature during this season. For women, patterns can be used every day to match the seasonal style. Accentuating a man’s style to the hilt, the printed clothes add oodles of glamour to everyday wear. So make this summer full of prints and new styles.

Women can go all bohemian with cotton printed dresses. Try Rajasthani block print styles with your regular ‘Delhi style’ jhumkas and earrings to make that perfect summer statement. Beachy prints also look great in dresses. Also, patterned pants are the ones to try on if you are feeling experimental for the day. Otherwise, your flowing summer tops with flower prints can be your best friends for the season, without a doubt.Summer Fashion

Men must also experiment with some prints and try styling them from subtle to loud for full style glam quotient. Patterned shirts must be your best friends if you are all about them this season. Well, there was a time when the entire world went gaga over Hawaiian patterns. Hence, if you really like them, then okay. But if you can avoid them, then please do! Go for more subtle and flowery patterns for a modern touch. Dark-coloured shirts with bright coloured flowers patterned or embroidered over them look particularly gorgeous. Similarly, the lighter shirts with brighter patterns create a sensational look.

Well, oftentimes you might feel like going a little bold for your outing. Try print on print for such times. Take a shirt and its matching companion pants and hit the street like a true fashion ruler. Style your accessories in the colour of your patterns and see your street style elevate to a new level. Many popular street styles look for men in recent years have been prints on prints. And so is the case for women’s summer street looks.

The ladies can go for patterned kurtis as well this season. And, not to forget the cotton printed sarees that accentuate your ethnic look like no other. Women can easily carry print-on-print without any apprehension. Hence, they can experiment more with patterned blazers and pantsuits as well. Also, the artists can paint their own patterns on their clothes. For example, denim jackets can be re-deigned using subtle patterns hand-painted on them. Similarly, jeans can be revamped with patterns too.

Now if you want to include patterns but only subtly into your outfit, you can go for patterns in accessories. For example, a plain solid T-shirt and pant could be styled with a bum bag or patterned watches for hints of fun.

Add a little more funk with patterned belts for casual wear and patterned ties for formal wear. The girls can carry various prints in the kind of jewellery they adorn. Their bags and little accessories can all be very stylish with elegant patterns. Well, it’s all about what suits you. Because these can also be overwhelming for many. So take little steps with these tiny additions to put up your stylish best!

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