The Iconic Collaboration of Burberry and Minecraft

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The Iconic Collaboration of Burberry and Minecraft: The British luxury brand Burberry has collaborated with the iconic video game Minecraft. Burberry is looking for expanding its approach to the metaverse. It is planning on mixing the physical and digital to make its metaverse strategy stronger. Burberry plans on going into gaming in depth. The brand has launched a virtual Minecraft experience.

Burberry: Freedom to Go Beyondthe game

It encompasses a host of captivating experiences. The physical collection is available online in seven international stores. They are in London, Tokyo, Taiwan, Seoul, New York, Bangkok, and Shenzhen.

The game consists of 4 rounds. It comes about in an outlandish contribution of London that has concealed patterns of Burberry all through. So, the players will face the icons of the brand for a proper gaming experience. For example, Thomas Burberry monogram maze and an Equestrian Knight character. Additionally, the characters from the Burberry animal kingdom.burberry

Phillip Hennche, the director of channel innovation says that it is Burberry’s “marquee moment” to go big in the gaming sphere. Furthermore, he called gaming a very essential channel in terms of how it engages with customers as they are the ultimate target.

With the collaboration of Burberry and Minecraft, Burberry is hoping to engage with its customers that are already playing Minecraft. Also, it is looking to connect with the users who are not yet linked with the brand.

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