The Logomania fever in Fashion

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What is up with logomania these days? I am sure you all do notice that ‘flashy’ is the term that is perfectly suited for the fashion of the day. Belts with brand name buckles, purses with logos engraved in them in a way that they shine more than the actual product and t-shirts with huge logos printed over them define today’s style statement. This is the ‘logomania’ trend that made a major comeback in 2019. Wedding Affair introduces you to logomania.

The Beginning

The New York Times

Ever since Fendi’s iconic Zucca print made a comeback last Summer, Dapper Dan’s logomania has become one of the most ubiquitous print trends of the past year. It’s no secret that fashion has had quite the love affair with nostalgic elements of the ’80s, ’90s, and early 2000s. And now, Popsugar mentions, attention-grabbing monogrammed pieces have claimed their spot within the sartorial zeitgeist of our decade: the ’20s.

As cool and trendy as this print trend is, one could actually see it as a commentary. It is a commentary on how our relationship with consumerism has evolved since the turn of the century. As the great fashion historian Amanda Hallay once said, “fashion is not an island, it’s a response”. As soon as we saw logomania taking off (again), we had two thoughts. One of unforgettable Takashi Murakami x Louis Vuitton Multicolore Monogram capsule collection from Spring/Summer 2003. And the controversial nature of knockoff culture. (Source: Popsugar)

The Iconic Logos

The Logomania fever in Fashion

Ain’t no Laurent without Yves? Our feelings exactly. What’s the common denominator across the topography of street fashion around the world? It’s probably the abstracted ‘F’s emblazoned head-to-toe on cashmere coats from Fendi, or the not-so cheeky Double ‘G’s leaping up from the quilted Gucci fanny pack, or better yet, the sizeable ‘VLOGO’, beckoning you from across the street, as it stares back at you on the Valentino Escape Shopper Tote. While hemlines might alter as per the season, you can declare the logo as that trusty companion whose inexplicable allure only multiplies by the year. Logomania is a puzzling concept. It bubbled up to popularity in the 80s and the 90s. Remember when it was cool to own a T-shirt with ‘GUESS’ splattered on the front? And way before the existence of Netflix,  it was perfectly routine to watch your favourite hip-hop artist casually flash the band of their Calvin Klein underwear on MTV every evening. But as is the case with most things in fashion, good taste turns bad. And what was once the object of mass covetable gradually transforms into a moniker of obsolescence. (Source: Grazia)

Before Logomania

The Logomania fever in Fashion

Why now? It doesn’t seem so long ago that people were falling over themselves to dress as anonymously as possible. That is in black trousers and shapeless navy tops. These clothes may still have been expensive. But also it was far more chic to whisper it than shout your spending power from the rooftops. The high priestess of this stealth wealth movement was Céline’s Phoebe Philo, whose iconic £2,850 gold-clasped ‘medium’ classic bag was so anonymous it didn’t even have a name, never mind a logo. If you knew, you knew. And if you didn’t, the wearer wouldn’t lose any sleep about it. (Source: Standard)

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