The rise of Minimalism in Weddings


Everything can stop, but there is no stopping love! While thousands of weddings stood cancelled amidst the pandemic and national lockdown in India, the couples got creative in tying the knot. There is no stopping the ones who have set their hearts in marrying the love of their life right away. Well, Indians have been known for their fat nuptials that are a dazzling multi-day affair. The massive industry draws millions of rupees each year just for the sheer pageantry glamour. However, in our coronavirus-affected world, these weddings have taken the face of a slim affair of screen times.

Online Weddings

Recently, adapting the situation, various couples are tying their knots online via zoom calls. Destination marriages are not happening anytime soon. Keerti Narang and Sushen Dang decided to tie the knot that way. They cancelled their destination wedding at Jim Corbett National Park. And, instead, they married on April 19 over a two-hour Zoom video call with 150 guests joining in. (Source: The Hindu) Hence, going easy on the wedding setups and rather focusing on the love shared is the new normal. Many Indians recently decided to resort to online nuptials.

WeddingMarrying in the Clouds — Zoom weddings are the new destination weddings in India. Plus, there are annexed benefits of hassle-free logistical settings. Going easy on the number of invitees is the new ‘normal’, even if it is not a virtual setup. A pandit to chant the mantras, close family and friends are all the crowd that the couple needs. Thus, this shall mark the return of ‘intimate’ weddings in the nation.

Shocks to the Wedding Industry

The wedding industry instigates derived business for ethnic apparels, jewellery, hospitality, flowers, transportation, and catering industries. A recent KPMG report estimated India’s current market at $50 billion, growing rapidly every year. With close to half of India’s 1.3 billion-strong population under the age of 30 and more than 10-12 million weddings held annually, a steady flow of future nuptials seemed assured. But no one could have foreseen that just a pandemic could haul the industry to rock bottom.

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