Thoughtful Gifts For Your Wife For The Perfect “First-Night” Together


As Indian weddings are full of customs and rituals, it becomes difficult for the bride and the groom to carve out time to be with each other or even spare some time to exchange a word or two. There is no doubt that the first night is going to be a special one, whether you have booked a room in a fancy hotel or chosen the comfort and familiarity of your own snug bedroom. A token of love and remembrance is what your better half deserves on the first night of officially being your wife. As there is an added pressure of making the first night a memorable one, presenting your wife with a thoughtful gift will only add more value to your first night together. Here are a few gifting ideas you can choose from to make the special night a little more special.

A Framed Photo

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. Gifting her a framed candid picture of herself   will not only bring a smile on her face but will also bring back memories attached to it. Another great idea is by presenting a portrait or sketch of her and is a great way to impress her. A piece of art with some hidden messages about friendship, love and togetherness will definitely make her night a better one.

All That Glitters

As diamonds are touted as a girl’s best friend, jewellery items are something that she can keep close to her forever. Gifting jewellery pieces like rings, heart-shaped or love pendants, bracelets or trinkets on the first night are things that are not only useful presents but are things that she will cherish forever.

A Handmade Scrapbook

A personalised scrapbook filled with special memories of the old days will bring back the love and bond you shared throughout the years. Bring out your inner child and engage in a fun-filled day of arts and crafts. She will love the scrapbook and thoroughly appreciate all the effort that you had put in.

For The Tech-Savvy Bride 

It’s high time we broke some stereotypes and agree on the fact  that gadgets and gaming aren’t just “guy things” anymore. The launch of an iPhone X in the Indian market has created quite a buzz. Before she gets her hands on it, surprise her on your first night and we bet the expression on her face will be priceless. Apart from this, the XBOX One S will also make for the perfect gift for the first night.

Cute And Fun Favour Hampers 

Gift packs and gift baskets or hampers make for a great gift. A basket of her favourite cookies, lollies and chocolates will her get through the first few transition days  in her new home. To make it a romantic night you can present her with a basket of sensual and romantic gifts like aromatic candles, massage oils, organic perfumes etc.

Pamper Her With A Spa Session

Spending some “me time” after all the tiring and exhausting ceremonies is something that all brides look forward to. Gift her a spa treatment to refresh and rejuvenate her mind, body and soul.

Pen Your Love For Her On Paper 

Putting a little extra effort to bring a smile on her face is going to be totally worth it. Write your heart out  on a piece of paper in the form of a letter or a poem and we assure you that she will love the hidden Ghalib in you.

Dress Your Room Up

Surprise her by decorating your room with flower petals strewn across the bed, heart-shaped balloons or even scented candles. Involving her ideas in the interior designing process will make her feel comfortable in the new environment.

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