Plan Your Pre-Wedding Photoshoot In 6 Simple Steps!


A pre-wedding photoshoot is the best way to capture some dreamy candid moments. This also gives you an opportunity to know your photographer and let him or her understand your personality better. Though a pre-wedding shoot sounds like it’s all just fun and frolic, it is a lot more than what meets the eye. They say that “teamwork makes a dream work” and a photoshoot is no exception to this. Each person involved in the shoot plays a different role in  making the pictures look good. With so many themes and options to choose from, you may be confused about idealising your pre-wedding photoshoot. However, Wedding Affair Magazine is here to help you out with some tips to make your pre-wedding shoot an excellent one.

Do Your Homework Properly

Every photographer is different and creative in his/her own unique way. Don’t be hasty in deciding on the perfect photographer. Properly researching his or her work will help you make a wise decision. Meeting the photographer in person and getting to know his/her work ethic will give you a better understanding of who you want to work with.

Clearly Communicate What You Want

Clear out all doubts and confusions you have with your photographer beforehand. Discuss themes and locations that you feel will suit your personality along with your partners’. Keep all communication transparent and book dates and venues well in advance. While some couples prefer exotic locations varying from old monuments to beaches,some like to create a story about their first meeting and reliving old memories.

Finalising The Location

It is important to put a lot of thought in the location of the photoshoot. Themes that suit your personality best will make the shoot look larger than life. While some locations don’t require permits and are free of charge others may ask for both – a fee and a permit slip. Always explore your options before settling on something.  Shooting outdoors will brighten up your mood as you breath in fresh air whereas indoor shoots present you with options  such as themed studios. Some studios give the illusion of night even if it is broad daylight outside.

Go Shopping

When it comes to any type of photoshoot, the biggest question that arises is “what to wear?”. For your pre-wedding photoshoot, your photographer can help you choose the colours and types of outfits that will compliment the theme and ambiance of the shoot. Shoots involve props, so it’s better to ask your photographer about the props to avoid last minute rush.

Book Your Make-Up Artist

Make-up anyways help you look flawless in pictures, so it is essential to search and talk to the MUA. Keep them well informed about your theme, the sort of look you want and location as the makeup may vary for outdoor and indoor shoots.

Be Relaxed and Enjoy The Photoshoot

A picture does speak a thousand words and reflects your emotions, so one must relax and enjoy the shoot. Being confident will  help your partner pose comfortably for the pictures. Engage in some of PDA, as this is your photoshoot. Showing some love and enthusiasm will make the pre-wedding photoshoot more candid and appealing.