Trending Braids for brides: Asif Ahmed


Trending Braids for brides: Asif Ahmed

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Hairstyles and hair dos are something, girls and brides seem fascinated about! They change with emerging trends and fading of old ones. Not only this, they add immense style and a chic attire to your overall look. Speaking of trends, stylish and cool braids seem everyones’s choice for almost all the functions and ceremonies.But most women think that dealing with fair when it comes to braids is complex and time consuming where as the style does not require any of these things. Loose strands of hair is totally acceptable. In fact it makes the braid look more stylish. Even in movies nowadays, we see more and more heroines doing braids. Alia Bhatt, Amy Jackson, (etc) do braids and it looks so chic. It just adds something extra to your overall look.

Emerging trends in chic braids for Indian brides:  –

Messy fishtail braid, soft side braid with sari, classic French braid, double sided French braid which merges into one on the side…usually braids have been behind, covered by the dupatta but that is changing… Some brides go in for really thick braids using four or five strands. There’s also the Dutch braid, the tiara braid (which is incorporating a braid into an updo), is a great way more detail to the overall style. One can choose the embellishment depending on the occasion and the outfit. The good thing is different kinds of braids are now trending in weddings as well.  Asif Ahmed in exclusive interview with Wedding Affair disclosed some amazing tips and styles for the braids in trends.


“ Why Indian brides are switching to unconventional braids rather than old followed tradition?”

“Brides want to break out of the traditional moulds of buns and updos and experiment with their hair. Whether it’s a sari, a lehenga or a gown, there’s a braid for every look. Braids were always part of the wedding look, with parandas and everything but it was usually a standard classic braid. Now there are so many different kinds. There are Bohemian braids, French braids, Dutch braids, Grecian braids, mermaid braids, hippie braids, etc.”

“Any Braid accessories you would like to tell”

Jada sets were used in past. 

Now – flower tiaras, crystal clips, Swarovski hair pieces, diamante hair clips, jewelled pins

Accessories like maang tikkas will always stay- it completes the bridal look- available in all kinds of styles –kundan, polki, diamonds, minakari, multiple chains

Passa or jhumar is no longer restricted only to Muslim weddings

You can stay simple and stylish with a single hair piece or a smattering of flowers or use a chunk statement piece or go all out bling with lots of diamantes.