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You have just got married to the love of your life and the honeymoon fever has caught you. You and your partner want to experience something unique away from the city’s hustle and bustle, closer to the lap of mother nature. Luscious greens, exotic animals and the like — national parks and wildlife sanctuaries not only prove to be breathtaking locales but also provide an adrenaline rush to adventure junkies.  Honeymoons aren’t just about cosy retreats and romantic experiences. They are also about exploring the culture and lifestyle of the chosen destination. Submerged in excitement and wilderness, safari honeymoon in India is a wonderful option for newlyweds. The unparalleled beauty of jungles and vast national parks make safari honeymoon perfect for adventurous couples.

Witness the never-ending views of nature as you take the jungle drive. Keep your ears open to the chorus of chirping birds, partake in romance amidst a scenic setting in the woods. A hair-raising experience awaits you in the form of a jungle safari. Wedding Affair brings to you four exotic destinations you can visit for your jungle safari honeymoon. Hold your breath as we bring to you the best of what nature has to offer. Without much ado, let’s get started.

Jim Corbett National Park

Unparalleled beauty and a timeless experience opens its doors for you and your partner at the Jim Corbett National Park. Tugged away snugly in the heart of Ramnagar lies Jim Corbett National Park — one of the premier national parks in India for tiger viewing. Being replete with waterholes, streams, waterfalls, and diverse wildlife makes it a favourite pick for the adventure loving couple. Asia’s very first national park, Jim Corbett National Park, began its mighty journey in 1936. Later on, in 1974 it was established as the first tiger reserve under Project Tiger. There has been no looking back since then. People from different parts of the world visit Jim Corbett National Park just to get a glimpse of the most furious member of the cat family — the tigers. Besides tigers, Jim Corbett National Park is a habitat for many fascinating species like fishing cats, serow, goral, Himalayan tahr and several others. The national park will leave you spellbound with the view of around 580 bird species as well as 50 mammal species. Your honeymoon in Jim Corbett National Park is definitely going to provide you with loads of excitement and fun as you are likely to indulge in adventure sports like trekking as well as river rafting. Moreover, the most lively and exciting elephant rides and jeep safaris will make you experience the national park like never before. Experience nature like never before, hand in hand with the one you love the most, in Jim Corbett National Park.

Ranthambore National Park

Ranthambore National Park is a warehouse of rich flora and fauna which draws you towards the beautifully regal Sawai Madhopur district in Rajasthan. The national park is more than enough to give you a hair-raising experience since you can spot a number of wild creatures here. Being in proximity to Vindhya and Aravalli mountain ranges lends a touch of serenity to Ranthambore National Park. Encompassing a vast  expanse of 1,334 square kilometres, this park is an ideal destination for all those who are fond of wildlife photography. The ancient ruins here are a treat for heritage lovers from all over the world.

Since its recognition as a national park in 1981, Ranthambore National Park has been one of the most enticing honeymoon options for the adventure junkies. Blessed with a number of water bodies, amazing hills, forts as well as historical ruins — the national park will surely soothe your soul. In addition to this, the abundant wildlife in the park consists of different animals such as Indian foxes, jungle cats, black bucks, Indian wild boar, Indian porcupines, small Indian civets, Indian gerbilles, macaques, chinkara, Ganges softshelled turtles, leopards, five-striped palm squirrels, striped hyenas, Indian false vampires, etc. The wildlife in Ranthambore National Park offers you a world of extreme adventure that captivates you entirely.

The park is an extremely pleasing habitat of a vibrant bird species with a total of 272 in number. You would definitely be more than thrilled to find grey hornbill, parakeets, Asian palm swift, treepies, wagtails, gulls, egrets, woodpeckers, grebe, minivets, pipits, falcons, eagles and many more species.

Kaziranga National Park

Tread deep into the jungles of Kaziranga with your partner on elephant backs. Meet wild rhinos and chirping birds as you honeymoon in Kaziranga National Park. Situated on the banks of the spectacular river Brahmaputra, Kaziranga National Park was established with the primary objective of preserving the natural habitat of wild rhinoceros. Witness nature at its best with honey buzzards, fishing eagles, kites, pochards, shelducks and shovelers as you trek across the thick Kaziranga undergrowth.

While in Kaziranga, check in at a secluded forest lodge and let nature cast its mysterious charm on you while you check out the delightful jungle attractions.

Perch yourself on elephant back and ride along to amazing nature spots on your honeymoon tours in Kaziranga. Tour the local Karbi village and revel in the local delights.

Stop by several waterholes and lakes located within the Kaziranga sanctuary. Share the thrill of being able to spot a Royal Bengal Tiger, flamingoes, cranes and more than 5,000 birds that gather near the several waterholes located in the Kaziranga National Park. Come and honeymoon in this wild paradise that is located far away from the everyday city life, rejuvenate in the lap of nature and be enchanted with the fascinating flora and fauna.

 Kanha National Park

The stunning state of Madhya Pradesh is well-endowed with natural gifts of wildlife in the form of Kanha National Park. Extended over a land area of 940 square kilometres, this park can be spotted over Halon and Banjar valleys. In order to reach Kanha National Park, you need to reach Jabalpur district, which is considered to be the most feasible location from where you can easily reach the park. Regarded as an exceedingly picturesque tiger reserve where wildlife is apparently vivid, this park is marked with pleasing scenic beauty. The varying animal species that you can spot in this park are Indian palm squirrel, sloth bear, jungle cat, chital, rhesus macaque, four-horned antelope, golden jackal, swamp deer, Indian porcupine, Indian muntjac, Bengal fox, Indian wild boar, etc. In addition to this, the park boasts of 278 bird species. The sight of all these birds is likely to make your vacation at Kanha National Park filled with immense natural beauty. The best way of having it all is through the most exhilarating jeep safari or amazing elephant safari that takes through different parts of the jungle.

Apart from the common species, the park also has an assortment of a number of rare species including smooth-coated otter and leopards, etc. Enjoy wildlife to the fullest at the beautiful Kanha National Park.


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