Ways to save money on you wedding


When it comes to planning a wedding, it’s all about knowing what your priorities are and allocating the expenses accordingly. That’s why making a list of your priorities and setting a budget should be the first step in wedding planning. But sometimes we may over do something or maybe splurge a little extra on detail we wanted but did not need. And now you’re short on your budget. Don’t fret because we have a few ideas on where you can cut the budget and make your wedding an absolute success. 


Get a Jump on lehenga shopping 

If your wedding date is decided it’s always best to first shop for your bridal lehenga or saree because by doing so you will not give the seller the benefit of exploiting your urgency. Avoid rush fees and last-minute alterations to reduce more. 

Look around for offers

Follow as many invite designers, wedding planners or bridal salons to know when they have offers. If they do jump in on the chance to get yourself a bridal face session or offer on bulk invite designs. Even a 10 percent reduction in your budget could make a huge difference. 

Up and coming photographer

Instead of going for an expensive photo shoot with a big time photographer, get on social media and find talented new budding photographers who can easily do the same job for a much less price. Not only are you saving up, you’re also giving new people the chance to shine at your wedding.

Go green

Going green is not just a budget friendly decision but it’s also great for the environment. This up and coming trend came into full force after the quarantine period and it’s here to stay. It’s inexpensive and adds a lot of size and texture to arrangements.


Polaroid Picture booth

Instead of renting a photo booth for a huge sum, create a Polaroid station with a few cameras, props and tons of film. Anyone and everyone who has come to the wedding can have their pictures taken. This also doubles up as wedding entertainment for the guest.


Downsize Your Cake

Ideal for more intimate guest counts, it should really come as no surprise that “COVID couples” are ordering small wedding cakes for their micro weddings, at-home ceremonies, and intimate elopements.