Ways to style your scarves this summer

Marc Olivier Pacquin

Summer is unquestionably a sublime time of the year for scarves to become a wardrobe essential and there is no indecision that this fun accessory can transform the look of an outfit in just a second. The options are many but just make sure you are teaming it up well. Filling your summer diaries without styling your scarves is not justified as your ways to beat the heat should be iconically stylish. Henceforth, here are some exquisite yet simple ways to play the game of scarves cool this summer – 

If you want to wear a scarf for an out-of-the-box effect, do not merely wrap it around your neck. Instead, wear a monochromatic outfit, and drape a printed scarf so that both ends fall in the front. You can now belt it around your waist to give your outfit some shape and definition. To complete this look you will need a large scarf, typically rectangular. The scarf should end mid-thigh to just above your knee and have just the print or pattern to make a statement.

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Go for lightweight materials in candy colours or bright summery colours. The best thing a casual summer outfit could use is a scarf tied around your messy bun, like a bandana or a boho turban. You can even play the magic well with a combo of prints on prints, but remember not to keep it too much tacky. The idea in summers is to keep comfort in check without looking too mundane. To update your basic jeans and tee outfits, use a scarf with tassels or fringes for an instant texture and lift.

Keep the oomph on point with your scarf as a necktie. Start by folding the scarf in half to make a triangle. Continue to fold your scarf until it is in a long thin line. Next wrap the scarf around your neck and tie the ends together in a bow or knot under your chin. This look is simply perfect for work or play. If you want a subtle look, go for a smaller scarf in darker shades which will blend with your outfit. Jersey scarfs are the best option to pair with summer blazers because they are available in a variety of solid patterns, prints and plaids, easy to complete an outfit.

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The default to the ponytail scarves every time you hop off a boat with wind-blown summer hair is another spotlight in the vogue. Start by folding the scarf in half to make a triangle, then continue to fold your scarf until it is in a long thin line. Next, wrap the scarf  around your ponytail holder and tie into a bow. For extra hold, pop a few bobby pins in the underside of your pony.

Scarves are a great accessory to wear for unpredictable weather. Plaid is a classic pattern and you can buy one in neutral colours such as black, brown and beige so that it can be paired with different outfits. Wrap it around the neck or unwrap it from the neck, extend it and wrap around the shoulders according to the weather. A scarf is very versatile and a handy item to have while travelling.

Candice Picard

It is a little tricky to wear scarves to the office. Pair it with trousers, a formal shirt and matching the plaid scarf. Interestingly, it is not an essential piece of the outfit and can be taken off at any point in time. You can also use a white scarf to create a black-and-white outfit and complete this look by adding a pair of heels.

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