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Indian weddings have now become more of a trend. Various elements in a wedding make a wedding picture-perfect. From awe-inspiring venues and fashion-forward outfits to exquisite wedding catering and magnificent decorations, a lot goes behind planning a wedding nowadays. Everybody wants their wedding to be unique and stay ahead of the trends curve, isn’t it? Well, we have got you sorted for one element of the wedding i.e. wedding catering. The most important aspect of a wedding is its scrumptious wedding catering. People who will attend your wedding might not remember the decorations of your wedding after a few years but they will always remember and praise your palatable wedding catering menu. So, don’t lose points on your big day and opt for the best in the wedding catering business. A name that stands out when we talk about outstanding wedding catering and adding a touch of flavour & zest to your wedding is Makhan Bhog. Makhan Bhog is a top-notch wedding catering service provider that has years of experience in executing such luxurious weddings and beholds a coveted legacy. 

Makhan Bhog, the ultimate wedding catering service provider has carved their name in the wedding catering business with sheer dedication and hard work. The exquisite food and impeccable services of Makhan Bhog will leave you and your guests in awe. They have flawlessly executed many high-class weddings, business events and corporate gatherings. Add a zesty flavour and vibrant aura to your wedding with Makhan Bhog – the connoisseur of wedding catering services. 

The Soul Of Makhan Bhog 

Sangita Arya, Makhan Bhog

The visionary, Sangita Arya is the brain behind the successful wedding catering service provider – Makhan Bhog. A powerhouse of talent, Sangita comes from a humble background and had no exposure to higher education but her zeal to imprint her name in the world of culinary arts forged her identity. She envisioned her catering brand and put all her efforts into fostering this dream of hers. In the year 2005, she started her own catering business promising the best services to the customers. She has established long-term relationships with her customers. Outstanding quality of food and presenting the food in a unique form with her magical touch is what makes Makhan Bhog stand out in the wedding catering world.

The Journey Of Makhan Bhog 

Big goals are achieved by taking small steps, Makhan Bhog is a true testament to unwavering dedication and hard work. Makhan Bhog carved its niche with a small catering business then expanded to a sweet shop and later on crossed geographical borders by going global with different restaurant outlets. In 2005, Makhan Bhog started a catering business and garnered a lot of trust and loyal customers. In the years 2007 and 2008, it opened its first and second restaurant in Guwahati respectively. Strengthening its business, in 2009 Makhan Bhog introduced its first sweet shop in India. It flourished its business in international borders and opened two outlets in Ho Chi Minh City and a new outlet in Hanoi Vietnam and slowly ventured into wedding catering services. Since then the sky has been the limit for Makhan Bhog. 

Makhan Bhog Branches

Makhan Bhog has diligently spread its food catering business all across the world, with plans for further expansion. Some of the current locations where Makhan Bhog can be accessed include:

India (Guwahati)

Guwahati, India

Vietnam (District 2, Ho Chi Minh City)


Vietnam (District 1, Ho Chi Minh City)

Vietnam District 1

Vietnam (Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi)

Hanoi, Vietnam

Services Provided 

Makhan Bhog has a long history of serving delicious food. Starting with humble beginnings, Makhan Bhog has come a long way as a catering company and sweet shop. With the motto of providing exquisite food, impeccable services and fostering everlasting memories with clients, Makhan Bhog is the foremost choice of many people as a wedding catering service provider. It offers an array of services. Some of them are: 



Corporate Gatherings

Packaged Food


A Flavourful Journey With Makhan Bhog Wedding Catering 

Wedding Catering By Makhan Bhog

Wedding Catering Services

Makhan Bhog Wedding Caterer

Food is the path to people’s hearts, right? What’s the point of spending so much at your wedding if your guests do not praise the succulent food? Makhan Bhog hears you and offers you food that blends authentic flavours, modern techniques and creativity. From traditional spice-laden classics to international-inspired dishes, their menu has everything to strike the right chord of your tastebuds. They offer a fusion of traditional flavours and modern flair resulting in extraordinary dishes. They are always mindful of the ingredients they use and their origin to ensure authenticity in everything they do. Your wedding catering should be nothing short of magical and Makhan Bhog is here to give wings to your culinary dreams. 

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