What Being Single Really Feels Like – An Open Letter



Being single is about sleeping in on a Sunday. Waking up when the sun heats up your room entirely. It is about the brunch you prepare for yourself on a day when you don’t care whether you should wash your face first or you should fix your hair. Being single is about wearing oversized T-shirt; ripped PJ’s – and still not worry about anything. It is about not caring a lot, yet is being sensitive enough to sympathize with others.

Being single is eating till your stomach is filled as if a really bad draught and famine is about to come to pass. It is about rewarding yourself with every single entity you so-well-deserve. It’s drinking coffee at the patio while reading a novel or watching a drama on your iPad. It is about being carefree, yet busy enough to be substantially productive.

Being single is about working a career that you love. It is about saving money to travel the world, to shop for the stuff you like and to save for your future.

It is about watching late movies on a Tuesday night, and eating whatever on your way home. It is about hanging out with bunch of friends on a Friday night to visit a food bizarre or a book sale. It is about exploring every ice-cream flavor that is out there, and discovering every blend of bubble tea sold in the café. Being single is about letting yourself know that you are never alone.

Being single is about finishing up a box of Kleenex while watching a sad movie, or laughing loudly when watching a comedy, or screaming to the top of your lungs when you watch a horror movie. It is about enjoying your own company and discovering what you are capable of doing. It is about letting yourself indulge in the idea of being all by yourself. It is about being friendly and outgoing, yet preserved and well mannered. Being single is the act of appreciating your presence, respecting your freedom and actually pulling yourself altogether.

Being single, living the idea of it, and actually living by the virtues of being Self-Reliant – I call it an act of bravery. Everyone can be alone, but it takes a strong person to stay and be happily committed to oneself. Being single is also a status; it is a relationship you establish between you, your ego, your dignity, your confidence and your own inequity. It is about dealing with your flaws, learning to love your faults and accepting your not-so-beautiful qualities.

Being single is not a bad thing, it is not an option either. It is better yet called a chance. Being single is a chance to actually learn to depend on your own, to care for your own well being, to understand your own circumstances, and worry about your own existence.

It is about offering yourself to live peacefully, and to be able to experience being genuinely happy.

Happiness is not found in anyone else, it has to be felt from deep within – happiness is about being contented, being loved, or being satisfied. Happiness is about choosing to be happy, it is about knowing and actually going for what you feel and distinguish will make you happy.

More than anything else, being single is about being confident – confident to be able to stand on your own.
It is about appreciating the things you hold on. It is about conceptualizing the things you need over the things you want. Being single is about you telling yourself that ‘One day I won’t be alone anymore, but for now, I will let my life have meaning.’

By Racquelshii Manuel