Winter wedding jewellery trends


Kashmiri Dejhoor

Timeless and oh-so-elegant, the traditional dejhoor earrings are out there piquing interest after a string of stylish looks portrayed by actress Yami Gautam. It’s a six-pointed star worn on each ear with the help of a long chain made of gold or thread. Well, you see it’s not a very convenient piece of jewellery. However, they now reduce the size of the chain and the dejhoor, so that it hangs up to the ears or neck.

Layered necklaces 

Another wedding approved jewellery hack that is ideal for the wedding season is layered necklaces. So far this style is  seen only on western outfits, but we suggest that you can give this a go with a saree and team it with a plunging neckline. You’ll be the hit at the wedding for sure.Experimenting with different pieces and styles can help you to create a new look every time

Ear cuffs 

Practical and pretty, ear cuffs aren’t actually a brand new style as this type of earring has been around for centuries. An authentic ear cuff is one which covers your entire ear and is easily visible. This real bride wore an authentic one and we can’t stop drooling over it cuz she absolutely looks like royalty and is sure it’s back this wedding season.


For over 4 years in a row, chokers have been in-trend, but they don’t seem to be going out any time soon – really. At weddings, choose heavy choker necklaces that adorn your neck and are clasped shut with a thread at the back – for a truly fitted look. Choose a classic gold necklace with pearls, gemstones, and a beautiful tassle and thread make for a wonderful choker necklace to pair with colourful lehenga cholis.