10 Best Ways To Spice Up Long Distance Relationship

10 Best Ways To Spice Up Long Distance Relationship - Wedding Affair

When it comes to love, people know no boundaries. If your love for your partner is rock strong then the storm of long-distance cannot waver your love. Many people have the notion that long-distance relationships do not work, however, this is not true. The right amount of effort and true devotion to your partner can make things work wonderfully. Here are some long-distance relationship tips pertaining both emotionally and physically to harbour a strong relationship and overcome those anticipations of a long-distance relationship. 

Long Distance Relationship Tips: Emotional Aspects 

Text Them Frequently 

Never underestimate the power of good morning and goodnight texts filled with lovey-dovey emojis, especially in a long-distance relationship. Distance brings a gap between the partners and often leads to some insecurities. Long distance relationship requires constant assurance and love. Your frequent messages will give them a sense of your presence and will show them how much you care for them. 

Watch Series Together 

Thanks to the rise of streaming, you can watch movies or TV shows on opposite sides of the world. Start any new series together and you are not allowed to watch any episode alone, no matter how much you want it. Have dinner together and watch the series or you can enjoy the movie with your partner by calling or video chatting while you watch.

Send Love Notes & Gifts 

Send Love Notes And Gifts

Let’s admit it everyone loves surprises. Shower them with love by sending them small gestures of love. You can send some flowers, skincare hampers or even food. There is nothing more romantic than ordering them and yourself the same meal and enjoying it together on a video call. 

Do Activities Together 

Doing activities together works like a magic mantra for long-distance relationship couples. Doing casual household chores together gives you ample amount of time to stay connected with each other. Cook together or follow a fitness regime together, read a book together or clean the shelves together on a video call. This way you can spend time with your partner and a lot of work will be done by the end of the day. 

Plan A Date

Virtual date In LDR

It is very important to go on dates (plan for dates, in case of ldr relationship) to keep the spark and love alive in a relationship. Prioritise your weekends for dinner dates or movie dates. Set up a cute canopy, dim the lights, light on scented candles and fairy lights, order your favourite food, spend time with your partner and pour your hearts out. 

Long Distance Relationship Tips: Physical Aspects

Get Bold With Sexting 

Take the first step and send a naughty text to your partner. Sexting is the most reliable way to keep things hot between couples in a long-distance relationship. You both can feel the intimacy while you sext each other. ‘I just had the hottest dream about you’ or ‘I miss your lips on my neck’ are some leading messages that will melt your partner. 

Send Short Videos 

Send Short Videos In LDR

Give them a glimpse of your steamy body by sending them short videos of you unbuttoning the shirt or changing clothes. Surprise them with such videos when they wake up in the morning and make them remember you for the whole day. 

Take Showers Together 

The anticipation of being in long distance relationship can be exhausting. Couples in a long-distance relationship should take showers together to keep things steamy between them. It fosters emotional closeness and improved intimacy. Also, your partner will not forget how hot you look!

Play Games 

Play Sex Games

Don’t let distance come between the sexual fun between you and your partner. You can always indulge yourself in some sex games that will make your mundane routine more enthralling. Roleplay, Strip poker and Dare to Bare are some sex games that will add the perfect spice to your relationship. 

Incorporate Sex Toys And Give A Heads Up To Mutual Masturbation 

Sex Toys

Video call your babe and get all kinky! Try role-playing during masturbation sessions over the phone or incorporate sex toys to make it more exciting. You can also include remote app sex toys that let you take control of your partner’s pleasure.