4 Times Akshay Kumar Gave Us Major Fitness Goals

Akshay Kumar

It is almost unbelievable that Mr. Khiladi celebrated 52nd birthday yesterday! The actor does not even a wee bit look his age. Akshay Kumar is well known for his strict diet and fitness regimes in Bollywood. The secret behind his exuberant demeanour and youthful appearance is a very disciplined and balanced way of life. Akshay Kumar has been an inspiration to a lot of people when it comes to fitness. In fact, he indulges himself wholeheartedly into the promotion of various health products as well as health campaigns. Here are the 5 times Akshay Kumar gave us major fitness goals.  


In this Instagram post, Akshay kumar is seen practising some kick-boxing moves. It is a well known fact that actor has a black belt in Taekwondo. The actor is also said the have been trained in Muay Thai which is a combat sport of Thailand. 



Being a fitness enthusiast, Akshay Kumar has been spotted cycling to keep his body in shape. His dedication is commendable indeed. The actor makes an endeavor to incorporate things in his everyday life to keep himself fit and fine, cycling is one way through which he achieves his endeavors.

In fact, his wife Twinkle Khanna keeps sharing his workout snippets from everyday life. She even shared a post on her instagram handle where Akshay Kumar was seen holding onto a high rod on the streets. It shows that even on the go the actor doesn’t part from his fitness exercises.   


His most recent post on instagram speaks of the actor’s fitness. In this shirtless image, Akshay Kumar looks no less than an epitome of fitness. 

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