5 Ways To Improve Communication In A Relationship

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Good communication is a skill that can save a relationship from plenty of unnecessary fights, arguments and worries. These are skills that do not develop overnight. You will need to practice these every day and every minute with patience; but once you have mastered this art your life shall be no less than a smooth sailing with your partner. Every couple fights behind closed doors, it is a fact. Yes! Even that seemingly happy couple on social media that you cannot stop gushing over. One cannot avoid fights but the one thing that you can do is to set the ground rules of having an argument or fight with your partner. Wedding Affair shares 5 ways to improve communication in a relationship. 


1. Don’t Play The Blame Game



The first rule is don’t blame your partner for each and everything. It is not always that it is your partner’s fault. Don’t launch into a tirade and start to count their mistakes. 


2. Pay Attention



When your partner is saying something, listen attentively. Many of us make the mistake of being distracted either on the phone or laptop while our partners talk to us. Avoid this behaviour at all costs.


3. Touch Affectionately



Hand holding, kissing and cuddling creates warmth and affection between a couple and the deprivation of it creates tension and stress. Don’t forget to shower your partner with lots of hugs when the are about to leave for the office.


4. Always Compliment


Whatever you appreciate about your partner, make sure that your partner knows about it. Keep  complimenting your partner for their good behaviour.


5. Share Your Thoughts



If anything bothers you, share it with your partner outrightly. Don’t assume that he/she will automatically get to know that something is making you uneasy. 

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