5 ways to nurture a loving relationship


Whether your relationship is thriving or stuck in a rut, you can take steps to improve it. Make an effort to work at your relationship every day because no matter how strong your relationship might be, it can only survive if you nurture it. Because nurturing is  giving in to each other in a way that creates a mutually beneficial connection. To foster a deep and loving relationship, there needs to be:

  1. Communication between couples: 

Communication is key to any healthy relationship. When you speak.out your problems most of them get out in clear light , and you do not sit and ponder on your emotions. Giving your partner the space to openly talk about their pain and expectations is a great way to help them and make them feel heard. .Even when the conversation may be difficult, it is imperative that you talk through your issues together.  When you and your partner feel  safe sharing your feelings with one another, then you will be able to build trust and respect between one another.


  1. Love languages 

Each person perceives love differently, for someone it might be through gifts to others it might be talking things out. Even if you can only manage a quick twenty minutes each day, you need to dedicate time for your partner to try and understand what makes them feel loved .However you choose to spend time together, make sure that you focus on your partner. Make sure to silence your phone, get rid of any interruptions. Prioritise them and they are bound to feel loved. 


  1. Appreciating your partner 

The most common element of argument between partners is the lack of appreciation.  Most people feel trapped when they feel taken for granted, it’s not easy but its best to start by thinking  of everything, big and small, that your partner does for you each day. Try to recall them , write these actions down and make sure you do not neglect to thank your partner for doing them.Buy them chocolates, flowers, or some other token of appreciation to show you value them. Say “thank you!” when they do something for you and most importantly take on one of the jobs or chores they typically do for a day, like putting the kid to sleep. This will make a huge difference on your relationship.


  1. Being emotionally available 

People tend to become stronger when they know they have someone to protect them. We all crave this feeling at some level and it’s the core of marriage or any relationship. It’s a commitment where you choose to stand by each other. When your partner knows that you have his or her back, it will increase the trust, connection, and love in your relationship by bounds.


  1. Learn to forgive small mistakes.

No one’s perfect and no one is wired to manually understand what irritates or ticks us off.Holding grudges for something can become a huge crack to any relationship. Do not bring up resolved issues and past mistakes when they have an argument. This chips away at the trust in a relationship and prevents you from ever truly solving problems. Practice forgiveness and let go of resolved conflicts.