Redecorate your Home this Diwali


The festive season is here! It is one of the most awaited times of the year, with everyone going around shopping for beautiful clothes and elegant candles and diyas for home. It feels so lively to be a part of these preparations. Cleaning one’s home is one of the foremost reminders that we get around this season, but apart from that, it is essential to redecorate the home too. This Diwali, this is how you can redecorate the little nooks of your home to rejoice that feeling of novelty in your surroundings:

Fill in some Art Pieces


Living in a home where walls are decorated with huge frames of modern art and abstract drawings is everyone’s fantasy! These days the internet is filled with amazing ideas, using which you can create new art pieces for your home decor.


To add a personal touch, create your masterpieces using materials of art and craft along with some old books, fabrics, straws and leftover glittery paints. Instead of simply hanging the creative art pieces on the walls, you can even create smaller frames and use them to redecorate your windows and doors. 

Organise your Bookshelves


Make an appreciable space for your books and organise them neatly on your bookshelf. This will make you feel satisfied and complete whenever you’ll have a look at your organised personal space. Arranging the stationaries, putting up a vase filled with flowers and lighting scented candles will give the place an overall positive charm.

Candles In Your Bathroom


You can make scented candles at your home from numerous DIY tutorials available online and line them in your washroom. It will give you an unexplained feeling of joy and provide you with the ultimate rejuvenation while having a shower. 

Redecorating your home this Diwali will create a beautiful aura in your home in which you will love to spend your festival.